Fashion trend:Men in skirts

See, how men can wear skirts in public.

Men in skirts have been one of the biggest taboo’s in western culture for as long as we can remember but outside of Western cultures,men's clothing commonly includes skirts and skirt-like garments however the wearing of a skirt is today usually seen as typical for females and not males.

There is a tradition for some men to wear skirts/kilts ,I think they're Scottish or something like that.

Well I don't expect people to jump on board and accept the trend, but I know there are normal guys out there confident enough within their masculinity who would love try it.

See some famous men who rock skirts after the cut....
Kanye and Marc
Vin Diesel and Snoop Dogg
Eminem and Diddy

Men are you attracted to this new fashion trend? Ladies,would you allow your man to put on skirt or go out with a guy on skirt??

Please drop your comments!!


  1. I'm a man who wears a skirt and clothing deemed as womens wear by Society and in public, with my wife and with her support. I do so with confidence and with no question about my sexuality. Only those who are "sexually insecure" have an issue with someone who is an individual, not a Lemming of Society. Women have any wear, why not men? My site:

  2. I wear skirts and clothing deemed as womens wear and in public with my wife and with her support. I do so with confidence and with out question of my sexuality. Only those who are "sexually insecure" themselves have an issue with a person who wants to be an individual, not a Lemming of Society. Women have any wear these days, not restricted to their traditional dress code so why should a man? My site:

  3. Men should wear what ever pleases them, I am a man and I wear skitrs and kilts whenever I want, especially when I'm driving. They are far more coforatable than trousers. I also sometimes wear tops from the womens dept nothing to femme, but if i like it I wear it and I dont care what people think. I'm my own man and do and wear as I please; I'm a married man and I dont tell my woman what she is allowed to wear swhy should she tell me. Go for it man wear your skirts with pride. Trousers are for women skirts are for men.

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  6. I think this trend is only going to increase as more celebrities brave it out. Showing the rest of the males its perfectly ok to wear kilts and skirts. Ive been wearing a kilt casually for some time now and I get lots of attention from women who love the look. More men should give it a go, its liberating and offers a completely new avenue to your wardrobe.

  7. eminem no skirt:

  8. I think that is high time that men starting to go their own way in case of fashion.
    Skirts for men are not just fashion, it is a statement to be a man because nothing could fit a male body better than a skirted garment. Thinking about more important things for men like health and comfort, it can be only a big PLUS when they wearing skirts.
    Since more than 20 years women already wear ALL men's clothes, nobody cares. Same would be when men wearing clothes which typically where worn by womb in past.
    I see that as a big step forward to equality which should be more visible ale for men.

  9. I wear skirts since years. My wife and our children support me. I have to use black stockings and dark skirt suit for my job, that is the only restriction I have had so far.
    During free time I love to wear jeans skirts together with shirt or sweater-/sweatshirt because I like to have pockets.
    Wherever I go, I always get compliments with my outfit. I just can encourage men to wear what they please, it works very well.

  10. I too wear skirts although MOH isn't supportive of my wearing them outside the house. I have added them to my wardrobe to wear them when I want to (not all the time) because they are comfortable and adjust to the external temperature. I realise that with them comes the tights/holdups but I don't mind them. MOH says that my legs look good so I suit a skirt. Apart from the skirt all else that I wear is male and I certainly don't try to look like a woman. I don't consider myself a TV or cross dresser - just a man who likes to wear a skirt occasionally.

    1. A skirt has no gender, it is just a piece of cloth. It is just a style choice. The connection between skirt and women is just imaginary and bears no objective truth.

  11. I am wearing dresses since 2005 every day at work, at home and wherever I go. Dresses and skirts are neutral garments and can be worn who likes to wear them. In many cultures of the world, men do wear different kind of skirts and dresses.

  12. I have worn skirts for a little over three years. Unfortunately MOH, though initially accepting and supportive around the house, no longer accepts me wearing them at all. So I can only do so when she is not around (not a good situation I would agree). I find that people generally don't really notice at all as they are mainly concerned with their own affairs. Some positive comments have been "Wow! Man in a skirt! Cool!" when I had on a denim mini-skirt for a charity walk and another recently, "You're very trendy!" when I wore a khaki Utilitikilt. I live in hope for acceptance at home. I do not consider myself as CD or TV and only wish to wear skirts as an alternative to trousers occasionally.

  13. eminem is wearing shorts

  14. I never noticed it before nor I thought about men in skirts. But since my neighbor is wearing skirts only I must admit that skirts fitting him very well, I would say even better than pants. -Well, men shorts are ugly, anyway-
    This guy wears his skirts during winter time, too, with stockings and boots and a short coat. It looks just great!! Super!

  15. It is just a great new way to dress comfortably for men. I wear skirts since years without any problems and I feel much more that I am a MAN. Mostly women like it very much, want to know what I am wearing under it and give advises what to wear with it. Wonderful experience.


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