Giuliana Rancic apologizes on air about weed comment + people want her fired

For those who know, while critiquing Disney actress Zendaya Coleman's locs to the Oscars on E! Fashion police on Monday, Giuliana Rancic said 'Zendaya looks like she smells of weed.'..and shehas since apologized.

The TV presenter has now been made to apologize on air. Not only that, some celebs who have weighed in on the issue are insulting her, one even mentioned her barrenness.
Whoopi Goldberg said on The View:
She's not Joan Rivers. Unless you know how to make jokes, don't do it... I've met real racists so I'm very hesitant to call people who put their foot in their mouth racist. She was just ignorant... a bonehead. I have had dreads for 40 years, and never have I smelled like patchouli.

Comedienne Sheryl Underwood said on The Talk:
How would Giuliana feel if we made comments on her inability to have a baby?.

Kelly Osbourne, who worked and have been friends with Gulliana for years said on twitter:
I did not make the weed comment. I do not condone racism so as result of this Im seriously questioning staying in the show.
And now people are calling for her to be sacked from E!.

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See Kid Rock's Instagram page after slamming Beyonce

Rocker Kid Rock has a new album out and to create buzz, he decided to slam the biggest female artist in the world.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, he said he doesn't understand why Beyonce is 'worshiped' when she doesn't even an evergreen song.
BeyoncĂ©, to me, doesn’t have a fu*king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’? People are like, ‘BeyoncĂ©’s hot. Got a nice fu*king’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big t*ts.’ Doesn't really fu*king do much for me.
Kid Rock mainly uses his Instagram account to promote concerts and appearances going days and sometimes weeks without any posts. And most times, the posts have very few, if any, comments. That was before he dissed Queen Bey.

The Beyhives don't joke with their look at what every single post on Kid Rock's Instagram page going back to its inception looks like now - see it after the cut...

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Kanye West breaks down in tears during interview

During his interview with Radio 1's Zane Lowe yesterday, Mr West began crying as he remembered his friend, who he described as the 'greatest fashion instructor of all time', Louise Wilson, who died in May last year.

Describing his meeting with his friend and mentor at London's Hakkasan, Kanye said "I think she knew she was gonna pass" and he went to say how influential she'd been in his life. He was then reduced to tears and later told the host "That’s never happened to me in an interview before. Talking about Wilson is kinda hard for me". See more photos after the cut...

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