ESPN ranks 10 Best Players in the NBA!

ESPN has finally concluded their summer long NBA player rank countdown by revealing their top 10 players in the NBA.

104 experts rated each player on a 0-to-10 scale, in terms of "the current quality of each player."

Here is their consensus on the top 10.
1 – Miami Heat – LeBron James

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2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships

More than 100 well-groomed gentlemen flocked in Wittersdorf, France this weekend for the 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships

Things got pretty hairy for some who needed sticky tape or grips to keep their beards stashed properly.

Some entrants wore extraordinary costumes to match their extraordinary hair, with several candidates sporting hats to complete their unusual look.

Every Participant in the competition has best mustaches and beards because all the hair on the face is real.

From wacky mustaches to downright hair-raising looks,Just have a look at the amazing hobbies people have.

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Usher kicks ex-wife out of his home

Usher makes it clear to his ex-wife ... the days of freeloading are over.The R&B singer just gave ex-wife Tameka Raymond a notice that his Georgia mansion is going up for sale and she needs to find new digs.

Tameka’s lived in the mansion for a few years now, but per the former couple’s 2009 divorce decree, Usher can sell the property whenever he wants provided he gives Tameka at least 60 days notice.

Usher believes he gave Tameka plenty of time to find a new home and start earning her own money.

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Rick Ross & Young Jeezy Brawl @BET Hip Hop Awards

A fight broke out backstage between rappers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards which was taped last night at the Atlantic Civic Center to be aired next month.

Ross and Jeezy exchanged words backstage and started pushing and shoving each other. BET security and bodyguards for each of the rappers eventually separated them.

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Chinese popstar, 24, dating 12-year-old Canadian model

"There's nothing we can do about this, nor do we feel the need to prove anything to these people," "All we can do is continue to persevere with our love, our life, and being together." Zhang

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Lewis Hamilton replacing Schumacher:leaves Mclaren to join Mercedes!

LEWIS HAMILTON has quit McLaren and joined Mercedes in a £60million deal.

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is leaving McLaren to replace legend Michael Schumacher at Mercedes for the 2013 season.

Hamilton leaves only team he's driven for, will be replaced by Sergio Perez, 22.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr & Ray-J "Make It Rain" in Atlanta strip club

50 Cent being with Team Manny Pacquiao----So you thought the Money Team came to an end??? Well you're wrong, in fact they're just getting started.

Floyd Mayweather flaunted his wealth on Wednesday night by showering strippers at Diamonds of Atlanta strip club with $50,000 by "making it rain.

The boxing champ lived up to his nickname—”Money”—when he dropped in Atlanta strip club with Ray J. and made it a very lucrative and rainy night at Diamonds of Atlanta.

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Hair Extension Chain!

Donate your hair: Sometimes your hair needs a little trim, or sometimes you feel like chopping it all off.

Why would I spend all that time growing my hair out and then chop it all off? I'll never get the urge to trim or do the big chop .....I've trouble growing my hair out.

So what about you guys, are u ready for the Big Chop?.......don be afraid ......its just hair, it'll grow back lol!

Check out the lovely ladies behind basketball's biggest stars.....past and present.

1. Khloe Kardashian Odom
No one thought Khloe Kardashian and Lakers star Lamar Odom would make it -- especially because they hustled down the aisle about two months after they started dating. But, the haters were wrong: They're still happily married, over two years later! Odom was transferred to Dallas in late 2011, so now we'll have to wait and see how they fare out of L.A.

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Kim Kardashian: I'm obsessed with my cat!

Kim Kardashian has a new member in her family and the public has been going crazy about her. The newest addition is a pure-white Persian kitten named Mercy. 

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Rick Ross to perform @ Serengeti Fiesta 2012 ― Dar es Salaam,TZ!

It is official ― The Big Boss William Leonard Roberts II aka Rick Rozaaaay will be rocking the prestigious stage with some of Tanzania's finest artists for Serengeti Fiesta 2012 at Leaders Club grounds in Dar es Salaam on 6th October.
A show not to be missed!!

How to be popular on Facebook!

Ever wanted to know what you can do to become popular on Facebook? ....Heya! don let your glorious body be exposed. ....

  • Do not put too much personal information on there. 
  • Be careful who you add, try not to add strangers. 
  • Do not harass people. 
  • Do not put untrue information on your facebook page, because people will find out you're lying sooner or later which will not make you popular.

Relax, it’s not what you think!

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John Terry found guilty, fined and banned for four games

Chelsea captain John Terry has been banned for four games and fined 220,000 pounds by the Football Association after being found guilty of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

Terry was found guilty of using “abusive and/or insulting words,which included a reference to ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race”.

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Beautiful birds!

Birds have an inspiring beauty and mystify us with their gift of flight and diversity.......scroll down and feast your eyes!

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NewTrack:' DIAMONDS' - Rihanna...!!!

After spending most of the year on a world tour for her last LP, RiRi releases her new single off her upcoming 7th album. Diamonds is available to purchase on iTunes.

The expected in stores this November which will be accompanied by a tour which will start in March..

Read the full Rihanna “Diamonds” Lyrics  after the jump.

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Chris Brown & Nicole Scherzinger are they......?...Not what you think lol

Chris Brown was spotted cozy with Nicole Scherzinger Last night while hosting a party at the Supper Club in Hollywood.

Earlier today photos surfaced of Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger locking lips in a nightclub but the ex-Pussycat Doll’s rep took no time releasing a statement to TMZ:
There is absolutely no truth to the ridiculous story,The photos that have surfaced are old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club.
I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing, the rep added.
Chris and his girlfriend Karrueche haven't been spotted together much since he shared a public smooch with Rihanna at the MTV VMAs and Karrueche was even spotted out kissing a male “friend”

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Check out ''The opening of Epiq Bongo Star Search house''

The final thrilling eight weeks of the EBSS show sponsored by Zantel are here.

Yesterday Madam Rita (pictured below) in front of a large audience unveiled a grand house of which 12 contestants will stay and undergo the knockout stages before the overall winner of the competition is announced. 

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A Hong Kong tycoon has offered a HK$500m (US$65m) to any man willing to marry his lesbian daughter!

Gigi Chao with father Cecil Chao, a Hong Kong shipping tycoon and property developer. Cecil Chao has reportedly offered a HK$500 million (about $65 million) "marriage bounty" to find a husband for his lesbian daughter.

Just a week after the 33-year-old Hong Kong socialite revealed she is married to her female partner of seven years, her tycoon father has launched a public campaign to marry her off to a man.

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Capital one Cup: Man Utd beat Toon, Gunners hit six

Carling Cup is now called the Capital One Cup,a name referring to the current sponsor ― Capital One, a credit card company.This follows the expiration of the sponsorship deal the Football League Cup had with Carling which lasted from 2003 to 2012.

The Cup is usually named after the sponsor.

Capital One will run from 2012 to peeps,this season we're more owned by credit than beer.

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diamond, ommy dimpoz and dully to release a song

Studio 4.12 is in pogress to drop new track goes by Triple ‘D’ – Delicious, Dear & Darling.The song is a composition for 3 voices fom three talented young musicians― Dully,Ommy Dimpoz and Diamond.

Imagine three singers-a trio-singing a song.Yay!......I personally think,the new Triple ‘D’track is gonna be off the hook!!!.

What do you think,Is it gonna be below the bar for Diamond and company?

Nigerian flooding kills five, displaces 73,000

The image shows the extent of the flooding in the city caused by the overflowing River Niger, which is virtually cutting off the Northern part of the country from the South.

A lot of small villages in Lokoja and Kogi will soon be wiped out if nothing is done soon. The flooding has left many dead, thousands homeless, and movement from one place to the other impossible.

The flooding in the country was caused by the release of water from Lagdo dam in neighbouring Cameroon.The flooding left homeless the residents of nine communities, who were being sheltered in 20 temporary camps.

The federal government has contracted three major construction companies to free the submerged Lokoja-Abuja highway from flooding...and NEMA is currently camping thousands of displaced flood victims.

Ugandian man caught stealing, forced to strip

Residents of Njeru Uganda were going about their business when they saw a naked man pushing his bicycle.

The man had been stripped after he was nabbed stealing a body lotion from a supermarket.

Yasin Kasima, a resident of Njeru, said he rode the bicycle from Njeru to buy some household items, but recalled that his wife had threatened to deny him sex if he did not buy her lotion.

The lotion was worth sh2,800, but he did not have the money. Upon arrest, Kasima was ordered to pay a sh50,000 fine.

Since he did not have the money, the security guard at the supermarket dragged him out of the supermarket and ordered him to undress as a punishment.

Kasima, who seemed unbothered by insults from the public walked through the street and later rode away.

Is Beyonce pregnant again?

Blue Ivy is eight months old now, and there is some frantic speculation that Beyoncé is pregnant again.

Earlier this week Beyonce sparked the pregnancy rumours after she was spotted out with her hip-hop mogul husband wearing a tight-fitted dress that appeared to show off a rounder stomach.

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Cassie & Diddy Lovey Dovey ....No more hiding!

Cassie & Puff Share Lovey Dovey Tweets:

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Creativity with Fruits!

Everybody loves fruits! They're great appetizers and the perfect way to start or close a meal! In fact, some artists love them so much, they make animals out of it!

From a watermelon shark to a banana doggy or a pineapple porcupine and many more!.

They're extremely cute and cool ‘fruit animals’.........Scroll down and see it for yourself.

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The 10 highest-paid DJs in the world!

Forbes’ latest list ranks of the highest paid DJS over the past year.With the increasing popularity and resurgence of electronic dance music, better known as EDM, DJ paydays have also seen a record high.The top ten “Electronic Cash Kings,” as Forbes calls them, earned anywhere from $7 million to $22 million in the past year alone.

Forbes put together the following ranking after looking at recorded music sales, endorsements, merchandise sales, and sourcing Pollstar, RIAA, promoters, managers, lawyers, and some of the artists themselves.

scroll down and see the list....

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Illegal Immigrant busted trying to sneak into Spain,camouflaged as car seat

This illegal immigrant was busted trying to enter Spain despite his best efforts of pretending to be a car seat.The immigrant is a man of around 20 who said he comes from Guinea Conakry.

Two other people were riding inside the car - the driver and a companion – and the latter was sitting on the double bottom prepared to hide the immigrant, the Civil Guard said Monday in a communique.

When police began searching the car, they noticed movement under the seat cover that could be a hidden person.

The Civil Guard emphasized the “originality” of the camouflage.

The two Moroccan men, aged 21 and 23, who allegedly tried to smuggle him across the border were arrested and will appear before a court accused of people smuggling later this week.

The man was also detained and appeared before a judge. He has now been expelled from the enclave

So far this year, the Civil Guard in Melilla has detected 14 vehicles with double bottoms and people hidden inside them. A total of 22 people have been arrested.

Chris breezy fails drug test in Rihanna court case,Tested positive!

Chris Brown tested positive for marijuana recently in a Virginia court, and like most of the States in the U.S. Weed is illegal!

Chris is still on probation for the Felony against him. As a result of positive Drug results, the Judge said she would NOT revoke his probation.

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Hairstyles for classy events!

French twist

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Tanzania elected vice chair of 25th UPU congress!

Tanzania has been elected Vice Chair of The 25th UPU Congress on the first day of the meeting, which was officially opened in Doha, Qatar, by HH The Deputy Emir of Qatar, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Heir Apparent, on Monday 24th September 2012.

The UPU Congress gathers postal leaders and stakeholders from the UPU’s 192 member coun
tries to decide on the global postal sector’s future every four years. Prof. John S. Nkoma was approved to take on the responsibilities of Vice Chairperson, with three others from Estonia, Italy and Dominican Republic. Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Aqaily, chairman of the General Postal Corporation of Qatar, was also officially designated as the 25th UPU Congress Chairman.

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Mario Balotelli's ex models bikini while 6months pregnant !

Raffaella Fico is the model who claimed 21 year old Man City footballer, Mario Ballotelli, is the father of her unborn baby.

The 24-year-old walked the runway for Pin Up Stars on Saturday Sept 22nd wearing skimpy bikinis and sky-high heels.

Mario Balotelli has said he will accept responsibility for the pregnancy only after a paternity test.

East African connect this Saturday @roman way pub!


Let us take you on a long exciting journey *Red Carpet Wall for Photo Opportunities * Ladies & Gentlemen…Don't wait until the last minute Get Your OUTFIT Now,This event will be one-of-a-kind and talked ...About for years.

John Terry retires from International football!

John Terry quit England hours before the start of his hearing over the alleged racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand.

Terry made the decision after becoming convinced that the Football Association are determined to find him guilty of the offence.

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Ronaldo to star in reality TV show to lose weight

Brazil football legend Ronaldo will star in his own reality TV show in a bid to lose weight.

The portly 36-year-old striker wants to ditch the extra pounds gained since quitting the sport so he is fit for an annual charity match, hosted alongside his ex-Real Madrid team-mate Zinedine Zidane, later this year.

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Kelly Price:Friend Of Mine

If your husband/boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend, who would you be mad at the most? Why?

Here's the Lyrics

She was a friend of mine, she left with my man
She lied, cheated, took all I had
She was a friend of mine, she used what she knew
She lied, cheated, and left me confused

I feel so lost, don't know why this has happened to me
My closest friend, I never would have thought it could be
You were someone, someone I really thought I could trust
But my man, you laid, and I'm betrayed


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Man U a step closer to sealing the first place,City and Arsenal draw!

Head-to-head: Man City and Arsenal are separated by one point with five games.Arsenal threw away two vital points in the race for third. Manchester United – in second place and one point behind the leader.

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I'm missing this....any ideas?

I'm missing hours of nail-biting, spine-tingling,blood-curdling and beautiful film-watching lol.........any ideas??

Wish u a happy n relaxing weekend with your loved ones!

Hello goodle people, I hope ya'll excited for getting time to spend with your family,friends and oops! lovers after a very long week ― I love spending time with my family:)

Thank God It's Friday.....phew!,I had a bad and hectic week!― with very little irritability, stress,and of course, the usual headache,I got a lot accomplished.

I guess good time always passes fast.,damn! .....I hate Mondays! LOL

U know what, I'm super excited my lil sis is coming home tomorrow,after being in India for 3 good yrs.I miss her to bits and glad she just finished her undergraduate studies in Business Adminstration*yippie ! lalalalala[singing]

I'm ready for a busy weekend of fun activities ...bring it ON! #PartyModeActivated

Female flight attendants only,please!!: Barcelona FC

Spanish giants Barcelona has demanded that Turkish Airlines, the team’s sponsor that carries players to away games, provide an all female flight crew to avoid hassles from over-passionate male cabin crews aboard flights.

The male flight attendants constantly asked for autographs and jerseys from globally-loved players like Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta, which eventually became a problem for the team officials.

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Simba,Yanga to receive their buses from TBL

The two buses which will be handed over to Simba and Yanga today at TBL Ilala offices in Dar es Salaam

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Should we get a DNA test before engaging in relationships:A woman finds out her late husband was her father & have 3 kids together!!

Valerie Spruill married her father. 

Valerie Spruill, of Doylestown, Ohio, recently contacted the Akron Beacon Journal to reveal that she had accidentally married her father.

Valerie did not know her husband, Perry Spruill, was also her father until his death in 1998 after a brief illness at the age of 60, when a relative told her the truth.

She finally learned the truth about her marriage and confirmed the relationship with a DNA test after finding his hairs on a brush in their room.

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Mikel Obi racially abused on Twitter after a 2–2 draw against Juve,He deletes his account

Chelsea’s midfielder John Obi Mikel was forced to delete his Twitter account on Thursday after suffering a barrage of racist abuse prompted by his costly mistake against Juventus in the opening match of their Champions League.

The match ended 2-2 and racially insensitive Chelsea fans blamed Mikel for giving the ball away with a careless pass 10 minutes from the final whistle and Juventus took full advantage of the opportunity to equalize.

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Ladies....He should never make you feel!

Like a child
Everybody has their strengths and their weaknesses, their areas of expertise and the subjects they’re weaker in. Your partner should never make you feel stupid or inexperienced for not knowing certain things.

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Throwback song of the day:Pls don go - Boyz II men

Boyz II Men:the Greatest R & B group of all time!

2012 and this Jam still hits the spot.......takes me way back, back in the time.It brings back the good times for real #1ofmyfavsongs.
Here's the Lyrics...Enjoy!

Hey baby, I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you (ohh)
Pls don't go

Slowly, my eyes begin to see that I need here and with me at all times.Yeah!
My feelings are so, deep for you
That I won't let go oh no, of you
I can't let this love (slip away)
And I can turn it around (see)
and don't leave me...

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z raise $4 million for Obama

Jay, Bey & POTUS Party In NYC
Beyoncé and Jay-Z showed their support for President Obama by raising $4 million for his re-election campaign at an exclusive fundraising event last night at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in Manhattan in New York City.

The glitzy event featured a tower of 350 Armand de Brignac champagne bottles. 

The reception, which cost $40,000 a ticket, drew in about 100 people including the guest of honor. 

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Nigerians react to Rick Ross "Hold Me Back" video

Angry Nigerians took to Twitter and Facebook criticizing American rapper Rick Ross for depicting the country in a bad light.

The video titled “Hold Me Back” shows children reaching out for dollar bills.

The video starts with commentary about the Biafra war and then launches into a series of clips shot at different poor areas of Lagos State with scores of Nigerians chanting along the chorus with him.

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