How the Kardashians are making serious money from Instagram & Twitter

Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney and Khloe are changing the face of modern day advertising with the way they rake in huge sums from social media advertising according to new reports by Page Six.

Previously, companies do adverts on Television, radio and magazines but have now turned to social media and the Kardashian clan are making more money from this than any other celebrity.

Companies believe one of the the world's most famous families have such a massive influence on today's youths that they pay them millions to use their platforms. In simple words, the Kardashians are the mass market!

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Would you rock this?

Kylie Jenner stepped out in this nude outfit and blue see through skirt as she went about her business in LA yesterday.

Boxer in coma after suffering brain injuries during boxing match

The British boxer Nick Blackwell (right) is in an induced coma after suffering a bleed on the brain following his defeat to Chris Jr on Saturday night.

The referee didn't stop the match and allowed it to go on until the 10th round, when a doctor indicated Nick Blackwell couldn't continue the fight due to severe brain injuries from punches by Chris Eubank Jr.

The 25-year old, who had taken heavy punishment in most rounds, was deemed unable to continue by the ringside doctor, due to swelling over his left eye.

Eubank camp refused to celebrate until stricken Blackwell makes full recovery

Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Halle Berry joins instagram and posts a topless photo

Actress Halle Berry joined Instagram yesterday and shared this topless photo with her fans, she wrote:
Hi everyone. Welcome! Today is a very exciting day for me... I'm looking forward to sharing our world through images that reflect my emotions and perceptions. I am in awe of photography and its ability to capture and reflect this extraordinary world that we live in. I'm excited to share with you my love of nature, the arts, fashion and much more in the hopes that the images will inspire, promote conversation and bring you joy. ❤ Halle

Elton John responds to sexual harassment lawsuit brought by former security guard

Legendary musician Sir Elton John has responded to a sexual harassment lawsuit leveled against him by a former security guard that worked for him. Jeffrey Wenninger, who worked for Sir Elton from 2002 to 2014 as a guard, is suing him for alleged sexual harassment, battery and sexual battery.

A statement issued by Orin Snyder, the US attorney for Sir Elton's Rocket Entertainment Group, said:
This baseless lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled former security officer seeking to extract an undeserved payment. These claims are patently untrue and contradicted by numerous previous statements made by this plaintiff. We will not give into his latest abuse of the legal system.”
Sir Elton has been married to David Furnish since 2014. He is a prominent campaigner for LGBT rights and same-sex marriage

Ladies with beards

Days after popular singer Adele revealed she has a beard that she just cropped out and that she started growing facial hair while pregnant, other brave ladies with the same condition have decided to ditch their insecurities and embrace their facial follicles.

Adele, confessed to gig-goers in Glasgow that she has a beard, she said:
I actually have a beard, but I’m proud of it. I only cropped it last night. I call it Larry.” Her confession has been applauded by others who have had struggles with their stubble.
Thereafter, three women who sport impressive beards came out with their own stories. In a interview with Diana Appleyard they revealed more about the condition:

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Kim K flaunts her post baby body

Kim Kardashian looked really nice as she flaunted her post baby body as she was pictured running errands in LA, California.

Bangladeshi Islamists threaten violence if Supreme Court drops Islam as the country's main religion

Thousands of Muslims rallied in Bangladesh's capital on Friday to denounce a court petition seeking to remove Islam as the country's official state religion.

About 3,000 Muslims protested outside the national mosque in Dhaka against the petition, filed by a group of prominent citizens, which is to be taken up by the High Court on Sunday.

The Hifazat-e-Islam Bangladesh group called for a mass strike on Friday, warning that "Millions of Muslims will come out of mosques against the Supreme Court” and punish the judges.

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Peter Okoye claps back at fan who criticized his sexy bedroom photo & caption

The P-Square duo, Peter Okoye who is currently in Rotterdam for a show with his brother, shared this hotel room photo with the caption below
A fan made a comment about the photo and Peter clapped back. Read it after the cut..

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James Rodriguez shares cute pic with his daughter

The 24 year old Real Madrid midfielder posted the picture on his Instagram page. Such a cutie!

Woman with world's longest dreadlocks finds love

The woman with the world's longest dreadlocks has found love with a hair stylist whose massive dreadlocks rival her own.

Real-life 'Rasta-Rapunzel', Asha Mandela, has locks that measure a lengthy 55ft - longer than a London bus.

Now the 50-year-old, from Florida, has found a match made in heaven with new husband, Emmanuel Chege, a qualified hair stylist from Kenya.
It's really added spice in the bedroom and it does not get in the way of anything at all.

There are times when my hair will be on the bed with us and we can use it for whatever or we put it on the floor if we want it out of the way.

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Diamond babymama, Zari, sends message to her haters

She then finished with a prayer: Lord please bless them too. Amen.

Khloe Kardashian finally admits facial fillers wrecked her face

Khloe Kardashian finally admitted she'd had facial fillers on an episode of her chat show Kocktails With Khloe .

Talking to plastic surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow, of the TV show Botched, she explained that her face was altered in an unattractive way.She said 
It did not work for me. I looked crazy, and I still think the effects are in there - I went to have it all dissolved like three times.

I did it and then Lamar's accident happened,''I was so stressed out the doctor was like, I think it's just too much was happening to your real emotions.

My face was so f***ed I had to go and get this whole thing dissolved.'It was a bummer and now I'm afraid to do it again. And I'm almost like, I swear things are still in my face.

Why Wastara ended her 2-month marriage

Wastara Juma reportedly ended her marriage to Donge legislator Hon.Sadifa because she was unhappy.

Speaking with Globalpublishers, the actress said she didn't have happiness in her marriage.
I never had happiness with Sadifa as my husband, he treated me badly, before marrying me, he promised to open big shops for me and other many things but he never fulfilled his promises.

I know many people will be against me but I want happiness in my life. I very much regrets coming into this marriage but I would like to advise my fellow women to think twice before jumping into marriage, there are lots of things there.
On the other side Sadifa said that, he loved Wastara they way she was but he didn't like Wastara's behavior of talking about their marriage on media and instagram. He said he is still Wastara's husband.

Man Utd offers Zlatan Ibrahimovic £250k per week

Manchester United is set to offer Zlatan Ibrahimovic a mega £250k per week salary in order to tempt him to snub Chinese League, Arsenal and Chelsea interest.

The Sweden and PSG player is at the prime of his career and has refused to sign a new deal with PSG. Man U officials have made him their prime target with his contract set to expire on the 1st of June, 2016.

According to an exclusive report by DailyStar, the 34-year-old will choose Man U if Jose Mourinho becomes their coach as he has a wonderful relationship with the Portuguese tactician.

Zari warns Kajala to stay away from boo Diamond

Marking her territory.....

There were rumors Kajala and Diamond are seeing each other though they both denied such rumors.

A few weeks back Kajala confirmed she was pregnant and rumor mongers said the man behind it was Diamond, again they both denied it and later on Kajala said she had miscarriage. But latest buzz says Zari recently called Kajala and warned her being too close to her boo. An insider tells Globalpulishers ....
One day I was with kajala, she got a call after picking it up she discovered it was Zari, Zari warned her about interfering her love to Diamond, Kajala kept didn't respond anything, it seems Zari blasted her hardly -  said the source
When Kajala asked by a paparazzi about it she was astonished and said "who told you such news?, people like gossiping too much"

Diamond on the other hand when asked about Zari and kajala he said he was on his way to Sweden and those are women issues so he didn't want to talk about the two.

Kris Jenner speaks on Rob/Chyna relationship

Kris Jenner finally spoke out about Rob Kardashian and her daughter's arch-enemy, Blac Chyna's relationship in a new interview with Kyle and Jackie O this week.

The mom of six confirmed that her son is significantly happier these days and she has nothing against the former stripper.
I haven't really seen her that much and I don't know her as well as everyone else, but she seems like a really nice girl. I just haven't been around her too much. But you know, he's been very, very happy lately and I think he's in a really good place. I don't know too much about their relationship.

The Game mocks Bow Wow over his ex, Erica Mena

Since ending their engagement, Erica Mena has become kinda close to rapper, The Game. A few nights ago, when Bow Wow spotted Erica on Snapchat with The Game's assistant LoLo and her friends, he reacted by calling Erica that name and tweeted that she proved she was nothing.

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Transgender B-Nell shares photo of when she was still male

B-Nell is a popular transgender party girl in Atlanta. She shared a photo of when she was male and called by his government name, Brynell (right). Guys be careful ...not every woman is a woman.

Mark Zuckerberg shares adorable photo feeding his daughter

The Facebook founder posted the photo above on his Facebook wall and wrote "Most important meeting of the day.#LeanInTogether". Mark & his wife Priscilla Chan welcomed their daughter, Max, in Dec. 2015.

Adam Johnson's 6 years jail term (full statement)

Yesterday Judge Jonathan Rose after a lengthy trial pronounced a six year jail term for Adam Johnson for having sexual relations with an underage girl, with some saying that the punishment was too harsh given that it was his first reported case plus the fact his career will be ended by the long prison sentence. The County Durham police have revealed Judge Rose's full statement. Read it below
In my view that offence is also a Category A offence in terms of culpability. I identify the following factors as being present: There was undoubtedly significant planning involved, in the communications and in the arrangement of meetings.

There is an abuse of trust, inasmuch as those who enjoy positions of what today is known as 'celebrity' are trusted by their fans and the family of fans to act in an entirely appropriate manner towards, in particular, young people who are less able to protect themselves.

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Pope Francis washes, kisses feet of refugees at Holy Thursday

Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of Muslim, Christian and Hindu refugees on Thursday and declared them all children of the same God, as he emphasised solidarity with other faiths at a time of increased anti-Muslim sentiments following the attacks on Brussels which killed over 30.

Pope Francis denounced the carnage as a “gesture of war” carried out by bloodthirsty people beholden to the weapons industry during an Easter Week Mass with asylum-seekers at a shelter in Castelnuovo di Porto, outside of Rome.

The Holy Thursday rite re-enacts the foot-washing ritual Jesus performed on his apostles before being crucified, and is meant to be a gesture of service.

Francis contrasted that gesture with the “gesture of destruction” carried out by the Brussels attackers, saying they wanted to destroy the brotherhood of humanity represented by the migrants.

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Man arrested for not returning VHS tape he rented 14 years ago

In can run, you can hide but you can't escape!

A North Carolina man, James Meyers Jr., a single dad, says he was arrested for not returning a videotape cassette tape he rented 14 years ago.

Meyers said he was driving his 10-year-old daughter to school at around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday when police pulled him over for a broken brake light.

Meyers gave the police officers his driver’s license and was shocked when they said there was a warrant out for his arrest for not returning a VHS rental, the title of the movie was "Freddy Got Fingered," from 2002, he said.

Meyers told ABC News yesterday:
They were chitchatting with me and talking about how ridiculous this is, then they arrested me.

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When you get a selfie with the Pope

This happened during an Easter Week Mass with asylum-seekers at a shelter in Castelnuovo di Porto, outside of Rome, yesterday March 24th. This pope is super cool.

Chris Hemsworth covers Modern Luxury, explains why he moved his family back to Australia

Thor and The Avengers actor, Chris Hemsworth covered the April issue of modern luxury where he talked about why he relocated his family to Australia. 

He said he made the decision with his wife Elsa Pataky, to move back to Australia to raise their three kids - daughter India, two, and 12-month-old twin sons Tristan and Sasha.He said Hollywood lifestyle was suffocating and he wanted his children to live normal lives.
I love what I do as an actor, but when you are surrounded by it constantly, it becomes a bit suffocating," he explained to the publication. "It's nice to have conversations with people and be a part of a community that doesn't live and breathe that world."

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Sofia Vergara, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez others make Victoria's Secrets What is sexy 2016 list

Victoria Secrets released it's 11th annual What is Sexy list, handing out awards to who's who of Hollywood in categories like Sexiest Legs, Sexiest Lips, and Sexiest Sense of Humor.

Surprisingly no Victoria's Secret Angels or fashion show models made the cut. More photos and full list when you continue..

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Congolese president wins third term after 32 years in office, opposition cries foul

Congo president Denis Sassou Nguesso was on Thursday declared the winner of presidential elections, extending his 32 years in power in a vote the opposition says was marked by "massive fraud".

Interior Minister Raymond Zephyrin Mboulou announced the results at 3:30am (0230 GMT) on national television, saying Sassou Nguesso had secured 60 percent of the vote in the tense weekend poll held under an ongoing communications blackout. Sassou Nguesso has ruled Congo for all but five years since 1979, having lived in Paris in exile from 1992 to 1997.

The official count gave runner-up Guy-Brice Parfait Kolelas 15 percent of the vote, while General Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko came in third with 14 percent.

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Idris Sultan regrets publicizing Wema Sepetu's pregnancy

Idris has revealed he regrets talking about Wema's pregnancy in the media all the time. In a recent interview the Big Brother Africa winner said it was not good because the pregnancy was less than 4 months.

Check out the body on this 60 year old model

This 60-year-old model who is the face of a new swimwear campaign has said she will keep modeling forever. Yazemeenah Rossi, from Malibu, California, is the grey-haired star of the campaign for the a new collaboration between online store The Dreslyn, in Los Angeles, and New York-based lingerie brand Land of Women. More photos after the cut...

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Russell Wilson says he won't have Ciara sign a prenup

27 year old Russell Wilson and 30 year old Ciara got engaged recently and will be getting married in the near future, but according to, Russell said Ciara wont have to sign a pre-nup when they get married.
Russell and Ciara aren’t going to have a prenup,”. “Even the thought of speaking such words would mean that they’re questioning their love for one another. A prenup is like a jinx. They’re not going into the marriage thinking that it won’t last. They’re diving into this full on and they don’t want bad energy clouding their marriage.
Some people think it's not a wise move on Russell's part but looking at their net worth online, Ciara is worth $17 million while Russell is worth $14 million. So their argument is really...baseless.

Six people arrested in Brussels after Tuesday attacks

Belgian police have arrested six people in Brussels as a major investigation continues into attacks that claimed 31 lives in the city on Tuesday.

Gunfire, grenades and explosions were all reportedly heard as police conducted the raids last night.

The arrests were made late on Thursday, and followed house-to-house searches in the area. The identities of the 6 suspects haven't been released yet.

The Brussels bombings have been linked to last November's Paris attacks.

So-called Islamic State (IS) has claimed the attacks in both Paris and Brussels.

Woman pays for a Cinderella and Snow White tattoo, see what she got

Sarah Blackley from Christchurch, New Zealand said she had paid $400 for a Cinderella and Snow White tattoo but the artist drew Cinderella clutching a knife and Snow White with no eyeballs.

She shared photos of the botched tattoo work on Facebook, asking people to share and help get the business shut down. She wrote:
I recently got this "tattoo" and I am so utterly disgusted and embarrassed. $400 for what?! I refuse to wear short sleeves.

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Footballer Adam Johnson sentenced to 6 years imprisonment

The former Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson has been sentenced to six years in prison for having sexual relations with a 15 year old girl. The jury passed out the judgement on the former England midfielder today, and at 28, his career as a professional footballer is surely over.

Johnson had earlier denied all four of the allegations until the first day of his trial when he pleaded guilty to one count of grooming and one count of kissing the schoolgirl.

Judge Jonathan Rose, upon pronouncing judgement told Johnson: “All of this is entirely your own responsibility and fault."

Wizkid is my dream man, I would love to date him - Linah Sanga

Y'all know its hard to hide romantic feelings towards someone. This is proven by Tanzanian talented singer Lina Sangah.

After weeks and weeks of speculations Linah loves Wizkid, she has confirmed the rumors , however she denied sleeping with the Nigerian singer as some gossip papers wrote. Linah revealed she was in Nigeria for a show not for Wizkid though she madly love him.

Barcelona and Dutch legend Johan Cruyff dies at 68 after battling cancer

Barcelona and Dutch legend Johan Cruyff has passed away this afternoon March 24th after battling cancer for years.

The late Johan Cruyff was voted world player of the year three times, and guided Holland to the World Cup final in 1974.

As a manager he spent eight years in charge of Barcelona. He is responsible for initiating the possession based 'tiki taka' football and 'total football' currently played by Barcelona and a lot of top football clubs today. He also played for Barcelona and Ajax during his career.

He also has popular coaches Jose Mourinho, Louis Van Gaal and Pep Guardiola as his proteges.

As a player Cruyff scored 392 times in 520 games . As a coach he had 242 victories in 387 matches, with 75 draws and 70 losses.

May his soul Rest In Peace. Amen!

19 year old Christian missionary, survives his third terrorist attack

A 19 year old American Mormon missionary, Mason Wells was injured in the horrifying Brussels airport terrorist attack on Tuesday.

This will be the third time the teenager has survived a terror attack, he had previously survived the Boston bombing in the US and the Paris attacks.

Mason is currently in a Belgian hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Marcus Rashford to get new salary increase

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United's star of the moment, who on his first match for the club, scored two goals in a must win Europa league clash and has scored important goals against Arsenal and Man-city while still going for his Chemistry and Biology exams in between training, is now set to receive a new contract worth £15,000 per week.

The 18-year-old forward is currently on a meagre £500 per week salary despite scoring 5 goals in just 8 appearances, a good record seeing that just over a month ago he was playing for the club's academy and wouldn't have played if not for injury to Wayne Rooney.

According to The Sun, Rashford could now put pen to paper on his new deal in the coming weeks as United bid to ease the growing hype around their young sensation.

London is next - Over 50% ISIS supporters vote Britain as next Terrorist target

ISIS supporters have chosen London as their next attack target in a new sickening web poll conducted by the terrorist group, where over 50% of it's supporters jubilantly chose Great Britain as the next place to cause mayhem following the recent attack in Belgium airport and metro.

On a forum page, one user set up the question poll:
What will be the color of the Eiffel Tower in the next attacks?
The question came after the Eiffel Tower was lit up in the colours of the Belgian flag, in solidarity to the victims of the Brussels attacks.

America and Russia were also selected as prime targets for a terror attack, according to jihadi supporters online.
The Islamic State will attack London, Washington, Rome and all the infidels' capitals,' tweeted one ISIS supporter.
The Crusaders are blundered and confused. Yesterday Paris, today Brussels, and they don't know where will be the next attack,' commented another social media user.

Source : DailyMail

Euro 2016 matches could be played behind closed doors due to terrorism

With the tournament barely 3 months away, UEFA vice-president Giancarlo Abete has suggested that matches could be played without spectators following the cur attacks in Brussels which gulped 34 lives.

UEFA released a statement in which it “reaffirmed its commitment in placing safety and security at the centre of its organisational plans for Euro 2016, but Abete believes more drastic measures may have to be implemented.

He told Radio 24: 
Euro 2016 is the kind of event we can’t delay or postpone. We can’t exclude the possibility of playing behind closed doors as we cannot exclude terrorism.
The EURO 2016 Tournament which is the biggest football tournament for European nations, will be held across 10 stadiums in 10 cities in France with the capacity of the smallest stadium being 33,000 while the largest being 81,000 (Stade de France) making it an easy target for terrorists attack.

Football star quits Belgium with family after Brussels terror attack, says 'it's scary'

Top football star Matias Suarez who plays for Belgium's biggest club Anderlecht has decided to call it quits with football in Belgium after yesterday's terrorists attack at one of the country's airports.

Suarez, from Argentina, whose club is based in Brussels, says he has informed his agent and is determined to leave the club and country as soon as possible saying he fears for the safety of his family.

The Argentine forward has revealed that Belgium is a different place since the attacks on Paris in November.

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Jose Mourinho signs pre- contract deal with Man U

Jose Mourinho has reportedly signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United to take over as the new coach of the club this summer. The Portuguese coach has been linked with Manchester United ever since he was sacked by former club Chelsea in December, but has now signed a pre- contract agreement with Manchester United according to an exclusive report by top Spanish newspaper El PaĆ­s.

According to the report, Mourinho will be paid up to £15m if by June 1, 2016 the club refuses to employ him.

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Gospel singer Israel Houghton currently dating Adrienne Bailon?

Popular Gospel artiste Israel Houghton, who recently divorced his wife of 20 years, is currently in a romantic relationship with singer and TV host, Adrienne Bailon, Rob Kardashian's ex girlfriend.

The couple have been spotted together in many photos, most recently on a holiday in Mexico.

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Explosions rock Brussels Airport, 34 reported dead, 230 hurt

At least 34 people have been killed and 230 injured after multiple explosions took place near the departure hall of the Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium this morning.

According to Reuters, the explosions occurred close to the American Airlines Check-in desk. Gunshots were fired while some Islamic words were heard before the explosions took place. 

Belgium raised its terror alert to the highest level, shut the airport through and ordered a city-wide lockdown.

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Diamond Platnumz, Zari & their daughter holiday in Sweden

Tanzanian singing star, Diamondp Patnumz pictured with his girlfriend Zari and their daughter Tiffah as they holiday in Sweden. See more photos after the cut...

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Champions league quarter-final draw

After this week's champions league action, European football's governing body, UEFA, has released the full draws for the champions league.

Manchester City have been drawn against Chelsea's conquerors PSG in the pick of the Champions League quarter-final draw.

There will be an all-Spanish tie between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, while Real Madrid will play Bundesliga side Wolfsburg. Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich will play Benfica.

Romanian politician jailed for bribing voters with fried chicken

Apparently, Romania takes a dim view of stomach infrastructure. Romanian Member of Parliament, Florin Popescu, has been handed a two-year jail term for attempting to win another term as a council leader in 2012 by handing out 60 tonnes of fried chicken to voters.

The disgraced politician, known in the country as the “Chicken Baron” enlisted volunteers to help him distribute the chicken.

Investigators from the country's anti-corruption unit found that he had secured £85000 worth of the delicacy from a producer in what amounted to an abuse of office.

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T.I. and Tiny share maternity photo

T.I. and his wife, Tiny, who are are about a month away from welcoming baby number seven shared this photo from their maternity photoshoot.

Man to return millions to people he duped for online prayers

A Seattle man, Benjamin Rogovy, running a so-called Christian prayer website and other businesses has been ordered to return millions of dollars to consumers of all over the US who paid for prayers, the Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Wednesday.

As part of an agreement, he will pay back as much as $7.75 million to approximately 165,000 customers who were victims of his fraudulent business practices in several companies he ran.

Rogovy deceived a lot of people in his operation of the Christian Prayer Center. He created fake religious leaders and posted several false testimonials on its website to entice people to pay from $9 to $35 for prayers.

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