Photos & Video: young lady asks several guys for sex on the street

A young and attractive woman who approached random men on the street for sex has revealed that half of them turned her down flat. The woman, known only as Andrea, was filmed for a YouTube segment titled: 'Asking Guys for Sex: A Social Experiment'. It saw her bluntly ask 14 men 'Do you want to have sex with me?' and recorded their reactions.Watch this hilarious video below and see their reactions.....

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50/50 lol

Stilettos: find out what high heels are REALLY doing to your feet

High heels info graphic victoria beckham preview 02.jpg
A new collection of infographics illustrate in shocking visual detail, what a negative effect vertiginous shoes have on our body. The diagram shows how wearing high heels places excess force on the inside of the knee - a common site of osteoarthritis among women. One study found that knee joint pressure increased by as much as 26 per cent when a woman wears heels. Heels also cause calf muscles to contract and adjust to the angle of the high heels and the muscles may shorten and tighten.

Mother gives birth to a girl weighing 13lb4oz without a C-section

Germany's heaviest newborn

A baby weighing 13lb 8oz (6.11kg) and measuring 23in (57.5 cm) long has been born in Germany.At nearly a stone, she is twice the weight of the average newborn girl.

Baby Jasleen arrived on July 26 and weighed a massive 13.47 pounds. Babies her size are usually born via a caesarean section, but remarkably she was born naturally. The mother gave birth at University Hospital in Leipzig and discovered she had a previously undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes which can cause abnormally big babies.

Although both mother and daughter are doing well, Jasleen remains in the neonatal care unit. She is now officially the largest new-born in Germany. (UK Daily Mail)

To all Tanzanian aspiring models

We regret to announce that due to traveling restrictions the team is unable to make it to TANZANIA and the IVORY COAST. We are deeply sorry. We will be accepting online submissions from these countries from now until 31/7/2013 at 12noon. Please put TANZANIA SUBMISSION or IVORY COAST SUBMISSION in the subject line and send it your entry form and 3 photos to Thank you, all! -TEAM ANTM Africa
The above message was issued by Africa's Next Top Model team that was scheduled to visit and scout models for the show,in Tanzania and Ivory Coast. That means, Oluchi and his team will not be gracing our country as earlier planned.

All Tanzanian aspiring models should send their applications online.

P.S Deadline: 31/07/2013 at 12noon...Follow Instructions accordingly. 

Best of Luck to y'all

Good morning!!

Tanzanian male model Daxx posing with Tanzanian beauty and the crowned Miss East Africa 2012,Jocelyn....

DJ Khaled's proposal to Nicki Minaj was a publicity stunt

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 12.18.31 AM
The marriage proposal was just a publicity stunt to promote a new single, "I Wanna Be With You" of DJ Khaled's upcoming album...halaaaa!

Chris Brown trying to make up with Rihanna?

Chris Brown & Rihanna have been broken up since May but Chris might be trying to patch things up
He Tweeted that he's in Geneva to 'clear his head', which just so happens to be in the same part of the world where Rihanna is now on her Diamonds World tour.

Chris also wrote "Sometimes you just need that time to get away and think about life."hrhhtgeg So don't be surprised if you see pictures of Chris Brown and Rihanna together soon!

Pope Francis on gay people

According to the Associated Press, below is what Pope Francis said when quizzed about gay priests during his transatlantic flight home following a week-long trip to Brazil...
Pope Francis reached out to gays on Monday, saying he wouldn’t judge priests for their sexual orientation.... "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?

When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have good will, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem...they’re our brothers.

Director Aswad Ayinde jailed 90 yrs for Impregnating his own daughters

Award-winning music director Aswad Ayinde, 55, has been sentenced to 90 years in prison after being found guilty of repeatedly raping his six daughters, resulting in them having six kids for him.

Ayinde was found guilty in a second trial of having intercourse with one of his daughters when she was as young as eight-years-old.
This second sentence, for which he got 50 years, adds to the 40 year sentence Mr Ayinde received in a 2011 trial for sexually assaulting a separate daughter.

Mr. Ayinde is known for directing the music video for the Fugees 1996 smash hit ‘Killing Me Softly.’
In disturbing disclosures during his trials, Mr. Ayinde’s former wife,Beverly Ayinde, said he was trying to create a ‘pure family bloodline’ by impregnating his daughters.

He even claimed that ‘the world was going to end, and it was just going to be him and his offspring and that he was chosen.’

The world has come to an end....ninii

Footballer Christian Benítez dies at 27

Former Birmingham City striker Christian Benítez died in Qatar on Monday of heart failure at the age of 27.The Ecuador international striker died just weeks after a £10million move to Qatar club El Jaish.

His club had earlier reported his death on their website and said that Benitez 'had severe stomach pain, was rushed to a hospital, where after a few hours suffered cardio respiratory arrest, which ended his life.'

Benitez, nicknamed 'Chucho',was the son of Ermen Benitez, one of his country's all-time leading goalscorers.

Leaving his club and loved ones behind.....

May God rest his soul in peace..Amen.

Cute toddlers

If u were to chose......which one

Two-Tanzanian men arrested in Hong Kong for drug trafficking

Find attached information from Hong Kong Government's website of July 26, 2013

Hong Kong Customs on July 25 detected three drug trafficking cases, with seizures totally valued at $ 4.78 million, in the department's escalated anti-narcotics efforts to combat drugs.

Customs Officers at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) intercepted a 26-year-old male Incoming passenger arriving from Tanzania for clearance yesterday afternoon and seized 1.6 kilogrammes of heroin concealed in two false compartments carry briefcase of His hand. The drugs would fetch a of value of about $ 1.28 million.

Later in the evening, Customs Officers at the HKIA intercepted another 45-year-old man from Tanzania for clearance. On Suspicion of concealment of drugs inside His body, the frame Suspect escorted to hospital Where he discharged 204 grammes of heroin after Staying for one day. The frame of value of the drugs about $ 0.16 million. The Suspect is still in the hospital.

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Alleged Lamar Odom's mistress, Jennifer Richardson advices Khloe to get adivorce

In a taped interview with Star Magazine, Lamar Odom's former mistress, Jennifer Richardson tells it all. They met in January 2012 in Washington DC and dated for over a year.

Jennifer Richardson tells Star:
Lamar and I were not just a one night stand. This isn’t something that just happened, we met, it happened and and then it was over. No. This is months of time. It was our life…our life. First class plane tickets to every city that he was in. Going out my own drivers. All my own reservations made, car service from the airports. I was in all the same places they were. I was the on the road girlfriend. It was a relationship."She also said she gave Lamar a threesome as a Christmas gift last year...choi! And then she puts Lamar's wife, Khloe Kardashian on blast; saying Khloe is in denial, and should get a divorce for her own peace of mind because Lamar will never change. 
Watch the video after the cut....

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Forbes' 2013 list of highest earning US celebrities under 30

Forbes yesterday released their annual 'list of top-earning celebrities under 30' and Lady Gaga topped the list. Forbes calculated their earnings between June 2012 and June 2013. See the top 10 below...

1. Lady Gaga (age 27) $80 million
2. Justin Bieber (age 19) $58 million
3. Taylor Swift (age 23) $55 million
4. Calvin Harris (age 29) $46 million
5.Rihanna (age 25) $43 million
6. Katy Perry (age 28) $39 million
7. Jennifer Lawrence (age 22) $26 million
8. Adele (age 25) $25 million
9. Kristen Stewart (age 23) $22 million
10.Taylor Lautner (age 21) $22 million

DJ Khaled proposes to Nicki Minaj with a $500k ring

Are these two DATING or the proposal is coming out of NO WHERE?

Nicki Minaj just got popped the question on national TV by 37 year old record producer, rapper, DJ and record label executive, Khaled bin Abdul Khaled, better known by his stage name DJ Khaled.

And to show just how serious he is, DJ Khaled whipped out a 10 karat diamond engagement ring worth $500K!

Nicki hasn't responded yet!

Skinny Mirrors

You want to be skinny? This mirror makes people look slimmer than they actually are,is a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery and cosmetics..

According to UK Daily Mail, entrepreneur Belinda Jasmine invented the mirror that makes people look almost a stone slimmer than they actually are, an invention that could be a girl's new best friend.

The Skinny Mirror uses curved glass to trick users into appearing up to 10lbs lighter, delivering a welcome boost of self confidence.

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I haven’t had sex in the last 10 years - Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji is no doubt a very well known actress both in Africa and many other parts of the world. CNN once tagged her “Africa’s Julia Roberts.” In spite of her stardom and many successes, the actress has managed to keep her dignity in tact.

Genny recently opened up about her sex life and clears that she has been celibate over the past 10 years. Some may doubt her due to her celebrity status as well as the fact that she has been linked to several celebrities in Nigeria.

In light of this revelation, some speculate that Genevieve is only claiming to have been celibate over the past 10 years just to impress the new man in her life.

Like father like son

Like father like son, Prince Charles holds Prince William on the right, today Prince William becomes a father
A family tradition

Its a boy for Kate and prince William

The Duchess of Cambridge safely delivered a son, weighing 8lbs 60z, Monday evening (4.24 pm UK time) in the presence of her husband, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Her Royal Highness and her child, who becomes third in succession line, are both doing well and remained in hospital overnight.

Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, have asked well wishers around the world who wish to celebrate the royal birth by giving gifts to give these to underprivileged children and mothers. This reflects the UK’s commitment to ensuring all mothers and children around the world have access to good maternal and newborn health care.

The name of the child is expected to be made public within the next two weeks.

If anyone wishes to send personal messages of congratulations, these can be posted to the @ClarenceHouseTwitter account. Clarence House and Buckingham Palace will also be updating content on The Duke and Duchess’s official website, and on the British Monarchy Facebook page as more information becomes available.


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Holy hug!


Photos:George Zimmerman trial and aftermath

Demonstrators march through the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, Sunday, July 14, 2013, holding a cut-out of Trayvon Martin during a protest against the acquittal of neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman in the killing of the 17-year-old in Florida. Demonstrators upset with the verdict protested mostly peacefully in Florida, Milwaukee, Washington, Atlanta and other cities overnight and into the early morning. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
Demonstrators march through the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, Sunday, July 14, 2013, holding a cut-out of Trayvon Martin during a protest against the acquittal of neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman in the killing of the 17-year-old in Florida. Demonstrators upset with the verdict protested mostly peacefully in Florida, Milwaukee, Washington, Atlanta and other cities overnight and into the early morning

More photos...

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Bobbi Kristina re-engaged to “Brother” Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown is re-engaged to Nick Gordon and this time she’s not letting anyone come between them!

Bobbi posted this photo of her and Nick and announced that they were happily engaged and she doesn’t care what haters have to say. The duo were reportedly engaged in November, but called it off due to outside criticism.

Whitney Houston once referred to Nick as her son and reportedly adopted him, but 20-year-old Bobbi denies that claim.

Shoe Spotlight:- Timberland heels for the Sexyladies

Timberland boots are back! They made a huge comeback this season, though they have been in existence since the 90's and were predominately worn by men of class and style but now they are back and not only as the same regular style we all love but with a major twist especially on the female trend. They come in various styles, colours and designs, they leave your feet looking Fab.The boots also come in the heels form for all lovers of heel.They are lovely and quite trendy too. They give this gangster look.....

George Zimmerman found not guilty in shooting death of Trayvon Martin

After a five week trial, George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman shot Trayvon dead on the night of February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, after a confrontation.

The jury concluded that George killing Trayvon was justifiable as he feared for his own life. The not guilty verdict is pissing a lot of black folks off. See their reactions on Twitter after the cut...

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Halle Berry and beau Olivier Martinez tie the knot

According to multiple media outlets, Halle Berry, 46, and Olivier Martinez, 47, are married. The pair tied the knot at the Chateau des Conde in Olivier's native France on Saturday July 12th.

This is the 3rd marriage for Halle & the first for Olivier. Their unborn child will also be Olivier's first

Wema Sepetu's new look!

Hot or not

Giethroon - the village in Netherlands with no roads.

For anyone dreaming of a simple life, you may want to consider moving to Giethoorn, Netherlands.

This idyllic village has no roads, and the only access is by water over the many beautiful canals or on foot over its wooden arch bridges. The locals use punters to get around and cars have to remain outside the village.

Located in the province of Overijssel, there are 4 miles of canals and farmhouses with thatched roofs dating back to the 18th century.

It's no surprise Giethoorn is a popular tourist attraction and has been given the nickname the Venice of the Netherlands. Cycling and sailing as well as a guided canal tour are some of the many ways to discover its rustic charm. 

The village was founded by a group of fugitives from the Mediterranean region around AD 1230. It became well known in 1958 when it was featured in the film Fanfare, made by Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra.

More photos.....

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At last, K-Lynn releases an exclusive family photo

The most eagerly awaited photo in recent times hits the internet .....finally our beautiful K-Lynn has decided to reveal an image of her kids and their dad with caption "My Family".

K-Lynn, whose real name is Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe is a Tanzanian singer and former Miss Tanzania.

Ntuyabaliwe and her baby dad Mengi have just celebrated a family milestone with the boys.

In a picture the pair have since shared, the proud parents are seen holding their bundle of joy, who are dressed in white.

Beaming, the couple are also dressed-to-the-nines, with Mengi in a dapper suit and K-Lynn wearing a pretty white dress and and a fur.

One more photo after the cut

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Photo of the day!

Mary Mary

Happy Sunday folks!

We're gearing up for a busy week and we're pretty excited.

Age aint nothing but a number,Music legend Tina Turner set to re-marry at 73

73 year old music legend Tina Turner is planning to marry longtime partner Erwin Bach.Turner and Bach are set to wed at their Chateau on the shores of Lake Zurich on July 15. Guests have been asked to wear white.

Tina met Bach, 57, while he was an executive at her record label. They’ve been dating since 1986 and have lived in Switzerland since 1994. Tina renounced her American citizenship earlier this year to become Swiss.

Tina was married to Ike Turner from 1962 to 1976.

Mom stubs her 8-month old baby with scissors

Eight-months-old Xiao Bao was stabbed 90 times in the face with scissors by his mother he accidentally bit her during breastfeeding.The incident that has left many people shocked happened in Xuzhou, in the eastern China Jiangsu province. After the attack, the mother disappeared.

The tiny infant was found lying in a pool of his own blood, in the yard, by an uncle who quickly rushed him to hospital.

Xiao needed more than 100 stitches after the brutal scissors attack. It's not clear if cops have detained the mom, who is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation to determine whether she is mentally ill.

Chris Rock set to divorce wife of 16 years!

 Star Magazine reports, 
Chris Rock may be a comedian, but the current state of his 16-year marriage is no laughing matter – because the actor and his wife, Malaak Compton-Rock, have called it quits!

The shocking news surfaced in late June when Chris’ brother, Tony Rock, made light of the situation during a performance at the Hollywood Improve Comedy Club. “Tony poked fun at his brother’s divorce during one of his acts. An audience member tells Star. “He said, “I’m not supposed to tell y’all this, but Chris is getting a divorce. I’m so happy because now we can get p***y together. I didn’t like her anyway.

Sources say Chris,48, grew tired of having to answer to 44-year-old Malaak. “There’s been many arguments behind closed doors,” spills the insider. “Malaak is very controlling and demanding.”

Not only in Dubai

Remember that rooftop tennis court in Dubai ? Well, here's a another amazing floating football field....@Marina Bay,Singapore....sooo cool!

Lamar Odom lashes out at paparazzi amid cheating rumours

Lamar Odom loses his temper and smashes photographer's cameras and a car with a metal bar amid reports in Star magazine that he cheated on his wife Khloe Kardashian with a woman named Jennifer Richardson .

Lamar got furious that they had the nerve to ask him and he absolutely lost it. He got out of his car and went crazy on a third photographer. He reached into the photographer's car, grabbed the camera equipment and threw it into the street. Lamar was very upset and seemed beyond stressed out.

Lamar's outburst comes just as his alleged mistress is threatening to publish proof of their affair.

Just hours after the athlete lost his temper, his wife Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter in a foul mouthed rant at the paparazzi.

In the video posted online, the basketball player is seen snatching items out of paparazzo's car and chucking them onto the road.