Wrist watches

Wrist watches are considered as best and important fashion accessory. It serves dual purposes of telling time as well as fashion and style. All wrist watches manufacturers are manufacturing stylish and delicate watches for fashion conscious women. Some watches with broader dials are available and some look like bracelets. Here is a nice collection of watches to get an idea about the trends in watches.

Tips for fresh eyes

Eyes are most important, sensitive and beautiful part of one’s face. Some people are blessed with fresh eyes with long lashes and awesome color of eyeball but some people try to look beautiful by using lenses and false lashes and different eye cosmetics. Eyes need much care and attention than all other parts of body. All people having or not having beautiful eyes must spend some time in tacking care of their eyes.

Follow tips given below on regular basis:

— Take proper sleep time and eat healthy food. Never forget to drink one cup of milk before going to bed.
After getting from bed, rinse cool and fresh water on your face and in your eyes. Drink plenty of water to look fresher. Wash your eyes with cold water 3-4 times a day.
— Put some drops of rose water in your eyes before going to bed. It will help you to remove all dirt and germs from your eyes and you will get up with fresher eyes in morning.
— If you have pure honey then put some honey with thin stick in your eyes like kajol and leave honey in your eyes for 10 minutes. It will clean your eyes.
— If you are living with tough work routine and have to work in polluted areas or with computer screens then take a used tea bag and put it on your eyes for half an hour. It will reduce swelling of your eyes and heat.
— Potato is very important for healthy eyes. Cut potato in round slices and put these potatoes on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.
— Cucumber also plays very important role in eye care activities. Cut cucumber in slices and put them on your eyes and get relaxed for some time. You will feel better after removing them.
— Eat green vegetables and fresh fruits. Drink carrot juice and orange juice in summer season and do a lot for your eyes.
— Change liquid of your lenses and go for proper treatment if you have an infection in your eyes. Apply lenses after much care. Put lenses in cold place and don’t let your lenses dry. If they cause irritation in your eyes, put off them and get a checkup from your doctor.

Beyonce returns to stage: She is best performer in the world! ''Jay Z''

Beyonce performed her first concert since September 2011 on Friday night May 25th at the Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And the following morning, Jay Z declared her the best performer in the world.
I do agree with Mr. J,she surely the best performer of all time.

Tanzanians Hilda & Julio for big brother star game 2012...!!!

Age: 28

Hilda hails from Morogoro and is a saleswoman. She has a son and enjoys the novels of Sydney Sheldon and the book Memoirs of a Geisha. Hilda was inspired to enter Big Brother

StarGame by Biggie himself! “He seems to be a big challenge in the House and so I thought it would be fun to join him this time around and give him a special challenge. I can’t wait…” she says. She’s excited by the partnering format of this year’s show as it will be filled with fun and entertainment – plus her partner Julio is her best friend. “He is charming, sweet and a very good listener, of course,” she says.

She says she will do whatever it takes to win the grand prize – including lying her way out of a tricky situation or “being the sweetest thing ever." She knows that Africa will be talking about her as soon as they see her on screen – which makes her excited. She says if she wins, she will donate money to a charity she supports back home as a peer health educator to help them build a nice house.

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Things to do for love

Love is patient, love is kind. It has no envy, nor it boasts itself and it is never proud. It rejoices over the evil and is the truth seeker. Love protects; preserves and hopes for the positive aspect of life. Always stand steadfast in love, not fall into it. It is like the dream of your matter of affection coming true.It bonds and connects people in a unified link of trust, intimacy and interdependence. It enhances the relationship and comforts the soul. Love should be experienced and not just felt.

1. Change your way of Thinking
This is probably the most difficult but vital thing to do in order to enjoy dating. Stop thinking “marriage material” as soon as you meet a man, instead enjoy the company.

2. Don’t over-analysing
Sometimes sabotages the feelings of simply going with the flow. As women we sometimes obsess over every text message and conversation. Instead, just go with the flow and enjoy the date for what it is. Maybe it’ll lead to another date, maybe it won’t.

3. Don’t worry about potential in the Beginning
Is he financially stable? Does he love his mother? Will he make cute kids? Don’t worry about these things in the beginning. Enjoy your dates without the expectations of him becoming the father of your first child. If you rule him out in the beginning because he doesn’t fulfill your ‘Potentials Check-list’, you may miss out on a great guy.

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Tips for sparkling teeth

Brightness of teeth is affected by daily consumption of coffee, chocolates and tea etc. Smile with healthy and white teeth look gorgeous but with continuous consumption of these things one can lose his/her sweet smile. If you also have habit to consume such things then follow the tips to maintain brightness of your teeth:

— Baking soda is a best remedy for yellow teeth. Use on your toothbrush and get white teeth. Mix baking soda with your routine toothpaste and apply regularly.
— Brush your teeth after consuming things like coffee, chocolate, tea, red wine and cherry etc. Make it your habit to brush your teeth twice a day.
— Leave the habit of smoking as nicotine leaves yellow spots on your teeth and these spots are very difficult to leave.
— Chew your food thoroughly as chewing the food serves as a natural detergent. Chew the food like apples, carrots clean the teeth and food like spinach prevent stains on teeth.
— Brushing teeth with salt is another home remedy to get white teeth.
— Hydrogen peroxide is a very useful chemical for teeth whitening. You can also use lemon juice to brush your teeth for whiteness.
— Take some foil that fits your teeth. Mix your routine toothpaste and baking soda. Put the mixture on foil and put on your teeth and leave for one hour. After removing the foil you will get positive results. Brush your teeth after removing the foil.
— Mix some pepper powder with iodized salt and apply on your teeth to get whiter teeth within few days.
Fresh Sag leaves are also useful to remove stains from teeth.

Use some whitening toothpastes and go for medical treatment if you don’t see positive results.

Rose water and skin care

Rose water is of greater importance and used for numerous purposes including aromatherapy and in different recipes. Rose water is also used for bathing for its sweet fragrance. With deep study on rose water, it is now used as very important ingredient in beauty products and procedures and considered as best for skin care. It gives tremendous skin toning effects. It has anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities for which it serves best in several skin remedies. Here is information about most common uses of rose water.

Rose water is considered as best for treating wrinkles on skin and it tightens the loose skin of face. You can prepare rose water toner by mixing rose water in witch hazel in 5:1 proportion (5 parts of rose water and one part of witch hazel). Add one spoon of glycerin in this mixture. Store this toner in dark colored bottle and use for natural beauty.

Skin Cleaners
Mixture of rose water and glycerin serves as best skin cleaner. Rose oil contains anti-inflammatory properties of rose that is best for reducing aging effects and it removes fine lines from skin. To get benefit of rose water, pour some rose water on cotton ball and use it to clean your face. Avoid using hard towel after cleansing with rose water.

Rose water cleans the skin and prevents growth of bacteria that later on prevents acne and other skin infections. Spraying rose water on infected skin sooths itching and burning due to sunburn.

Versatile indoor plants for decoration

Ideas for home interior and decoration are endless and indoor plants decoration is one of them. Keeping plants in different places of home is the best way to decorate home and give it comfortable and fresh look. Indoor and outdoor plants are equally common for decoration of homes, offices and other commercial places. Indoor plants not only enhance the home d├ęcor but also beneficial regarding purifying the air. Indoor plants are available in the market and can also be grown in plant containers. Variety of indoor plants is used for home decoration that looks great if arranged properly on best locations of home.

The types of indoor plants include:
-Peace lilly
-Rubber plants
-Indoor cactus plants
-Mother fern
-Aloe vera
-Bamboo plants
-Chinese evergreen

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Initially sunglasses were meant to protect eyes from direct and harmful sun rays but now sunglasses have become integral part of fashion accessories. People wear sunglasses to look stylish. To satisfy style conscious people, different brands have introduced different styles in sunglasses.

Other than fashion view point, sunglasses have many advantages that include:
— To protect eyes from the damages caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun.
— Useful for patients to avoid infections after surgical treatments
— Used as fashion accessories by fashion freaks

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Proper use of epilator

Many people seem anxious with unwanted hair on face and other body parts. To get rid of these unwanted hair people opt for different hair removing methods including waxing, hair removing creams, laser hair removal, shaving and use of epilator. Every hair removing method has different consequences either positive or negative. Some hair removing methods like shaving or creams cut hair from upper layer of skin and don’t stop hair growth but some methods like waxing or use of epilators slow down the hair growth and give long lasting results.

Any method used will give positive consequences if used properly. Here is useful discussion about proper use of epilators for hair removal with a set of instructions to use this device. Epilator is an electronic device that is introduced for easy hair removal. You don’t need to go for waxing to any professional or to surgeons for laser hair removal. It is very easy to use this device but to use it properly you need to follow the set of instructions shared below: 

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Prevention of dark underarms

Dark Underarms
Many of you will be embarrassed to raise your arms with dark armpits. Many of you may also hesitate to wear sleeveless tops. Why is it so? There are many causes of dark underarms that causes beautiful faced people feel embarrassed.

Dark Underarms are caused by:
-Strong chemicals
-Too much shaving
-Dead skin build up
-Medical conditions

You must know the roots of the problems before you opt for solving it. These causes can include hair growth and hyper pigmentation etc. Here are useful tips for prevention of dark underarms.
-First of all give up shaving method for hair removal as it is first cause to produce shadowy effect.
-Avoid wearing tight cloths. You can wear tight dresses but not in routine.
-Try to reduce your weight as over weight is also one of the caused of dark effects.
-Baking soda or anti-fugal powder gives best results to reduce darkness in underarms.
-Hair growth in underarms in natural therefore darkness in underarms is inevitable.
-Try waxing for hair removal from underarms to prevent darkening. --With shaving you just cut hair appearing on surface of your skin but not from the roots but wax does the best job and pulls out hair from roots with long lasting effects.

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The benefits of yoga

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline which has been practiced by people all over the world. This type of exercise is originated by India. Yoga is considered good for mental as well as physical health. There are different branches of Yoga that include Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga. The word Yoga has many meanings including to control, to yoke or to unite. A person practicing yoga is known as Yogi as unisex term or Yogini is used for females practicing Yoga.

Yoga is appreciated all over the world for its positive effects on human health. Here are some benefits of Yoga:

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Beauty tips for high school girls

Girls become very conscious for their appearance in high school years. Here I want to share few random beauty tips that will be best suitable for high school girls to get a fashionable look:

Skin Care
Skin can undergo many changes in teens for instance skin produces more oil which causes embarrassing acne problem. You should avoid washing your face many times a day and using highly medicated products. These medications over stimulate oil glands to produce more oil. Make sure to wash your face with a light soap twice per day. It will also be good to add some shine-free moisturizer for skin hydration. Make sure to remove makeup before sleeping.

Mostly high school girls like to use heavy makeup in crazy colors for fun but it looks unnatural. Choose one feature you want to highlight when it comes the time to apply makeup. Use this key feature as a base for you. If you have pretty eyes then do those up and leave rest of your face as natural. If you want to use bright lipstick then use minimal amount of makeup elsewhere.

Hair styling is very important for high school girls. Girls like to have fun in dyeing hairs and use different colors to highlight hairs. Having one signature hairstyle is an easy way to retain your personality among all other high school girls.

Balanced diet chart

Balanced diet is very necessary to live a healthy and active life. Don’t do over eating and also avoid starving. Take balanced diet and digest it in right way. Do some walk on regular basis and drink plenty of water but avoid drinking water very after your meal. Follow the schedule given below and live a healthy life. You will not get over fats if you do walk to burn all calories and fats in your food. Your diet schedule must include all healthy food.

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Happy May Day to all workers around the world!

May 1st, International Workers' Day. May Day was designated an international labor day by the International Socialist Congress of 1899, and it remains the standard Labor Day worldwide with a few exceptions including Canada and the U.S.A.May Day is a day which is a holiday in many countries around the world. Labor Day is a celebration to honor workers and the labor movement for their handwork, dedication and their contribution to economic and social growth and development.

World wide May Day parade

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Makeup tips for night parties

When it comes the time to attend a party, people wish to look glamorous and enjoy the party. Fun of the party should start from your dressing table and you should come out of your daily demeanor of controlled cosmetics and have a changed look by following the great party makeup guidelines shared below:

Party makeup needs a completely different makeup approach. Follow these guidelines:
— First of all select right dress for the party. Select dress, matching footwear and other accessories including handbag, hair accessories, lenses, jewelry and others. Have a coordinated idea to see that how you will look when you will put all accessories together.
— Think of your hair style. Change your hair style from your routine. If you have habit to bun a braid on regular basis then rinse your hair, properly wash and condition and get a new look.
— You can change color of your hair and cut your hair minor to change your look. Lots of special hair accessories are available on fashion stores to change your look.
— Then come to your hands and feet beauty. Make it sure that your hands and feet are properly manicured and pedicure. Select best suitable nail polish color and apply. You can do different nails treatments to look more stylish and hot.
— When you come to party makeup false eye lashes are of greater importance. You can also make your own lashes prominent by applying double coat of mascara and curling your lashes with curling brush.
— Then make your base and apply foundation in proper way. Now it’s your own choice whether you darken your eyes or make your lips more prominent. If you keep your eyes downplayed, then you can tend to highlight your lips to balance.
— Before you apply lipstick, apply foundation on your lips and wait for 5 minutes then apply your lipstick. — Complete your makeup and war jewelry and enjoy the party.

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Trendy scarves

Wearing scarves have become a fashion especially among women. Trend to wear scarves in winter is broken now and women use to wear scarves in summer and special events. Even the males have started to wear scarves as fashion. There are different trends in women scarves that vary according to color, materials used, designs and wearer’s style. Some women wear scarves around their necks in rounded up motions. Materials usually used for women scarves include wool, cotton and even spandex etc. Here is a great collection of trends in scarves that will allow you to choose a trendy scarf for you.

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Daily skin care tips

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Daily and proper skin care is needed to every woman to attain this beauty. Here are few simple skin care tips to be followed on daily basis:

— Cleanse your skin as it is the foundation of a healthy skin care routine whether you have oily or dry skin or combination of both. Make it sure to clean your skin without stripping it of naturally occurring oils that are very important for looking younger.
— Wash your skin to remove makeup or other cosmetic and dust with a cleanser for your skin type. Take dime size of cleanser and rinse your skin with lukewarm water. Simply splash your face with lukewarm water every morning. Make it sure to never use hot or cold water to wash your face.
— Exfoliation is an important step to keep ones skin looking younger. Exfoliation keeps dead skin cells to a minimum. It is advised to exfoliate two to three times a week for best results.
— Moisturizers help to keep your skin hydrated and keep your skin softer. Make it habit to moisturize your skin after every cleansing either in the morning or before going to bed at night. Use oil free moisturizers to control oil.
— Use clean sponge to apply makeup.
— Give facial treatment to your skin once a week at your home.
— Cure your puffy eyes by placing tomato slices on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.
— Take shower only once a day to minimize depletion of moisture of your skin.
— Use of Sunscreen is necessary to keep your skin look fresh and younger and to prevent sunburns. Apply it to the areas that are directly exposed to sun.
— Go to bed to sleep at same time and make it habit to leave your bed at the same time.
— Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. Avoid using cosmetics as a routine.

Nail growth tips

Nails add to the beauty of hands and healthy, shiny and long nails are the dream of every stylish girl. Applying nail polish on healthy and long nails enhances hands beauty. It is very common trend among females to have long nails. Here are some useful tips to speed up your nail growth:

File your nails properly. While filing your nails, you need to be very soft and remember to file nails in one direction only. File your nails in a way to prevent them from ex foliating.

Some vitamins are necessary for proper nail’s growth. Vitamins B, C and E are very necessary for healthy and growing nails. Deficiency of these vitamins causes weaker and dull nails. 
Use branded nail polishes on your nails and you should make it your routine to remove the nail polish after attending the party and nail polish for longer times will affect the freshness of your nails.

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Pimple removal face mask

If you look toward the active ingredients list of high quality skin care products then you will be surprised to see that the most of these products are available in your kitchen. Now you can imagine that you can save your money by making an inexpensive facial mask at home which is more effective and free from any chemical then ready made face mask. You can easily prepare acne-reduce face mask at home. The home made acne reduce mask help you to reduce acne, bad oils which cause pimples etc. This home made mask use two highly effective natural astringents such as fresh lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. You can keep this mask in refrigerator for about one week and this mask can be used on other area of skin where the breakouts may occur.

-Take some rolled oats and lemon juice and put these ingredients in a blender to turn them into smooth and creamy paste.
-Transfer all contents of blender in a small bowl and add apple cider vinegar into this mixture. Stir it thoroughly with the help of disposable stirrer or wooden spoon to mix it well.
-Transfer all mixture into a sterilized glass jar and put the lid on the jar. Before first application put the jar in refrigerator to infuse over night. Stir well before use and all subsequent applications.
-Apply this mask only on pimples and blemishes and let the mask fully dry before rinsing with light warm water.
-Don’t store any type of home made mask in aluminum container because heavy metals can enter into body through pores.
-Use this mask only once or twice a week and try to use fresh and organic ingredients for preparation of mask. Don’t leave the mask for more than recommended time.