Rapper Ryan Prophet puts Stacey Dash on blast for aborting his baby

Ryan Prophet, of the group Nappy Roots and Stacey Dash’s ex-boyfriend, took to Instagram this morning to get a few things off of his chest.

In the photo’s caption, he put pro-life advocate Stacey all the way on blast for having an abortion.

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Argentine fans insult and spit at Lionel Messi at airport

The angry River Plate supporters insulted Lionel Messi at Narita Airport, with one of them reportedly spitting at the Argentine star on Sunday evening after his club Barcelona celebrated winning the Club World Cup title in Japan where he scored in the 3-0 win.

According to Spanish magazine Marca, Messi, who some football fans in Argentina don't like because they feel he shows more loyalty and zeal towards Barcelona than Argentina, was about to confront the fan when teammates Mascherano, Luis Suarez and coach Luis Enrique came to calm down the arising tension. More photos after the cut...

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Miss Universe 2015 disaster: Steve Harvey announces the wrong winner on live TV

Miss Colombia wiped away tears of joy as the $30,000 blue diamond and topaz crown was placed upon her head and she was named Miss Universe 2015, winning the title for her country for the second year in a row. But her glory only lasted for two minutes.

Ariadna Gutierrez was blowing kisses and waving to her adoring fans but it was actually Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo who was meant to be wearing the crown.

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Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini banned from football for 8 years

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter and former EUFA president Michel Platini, have been banned from football for eight years after the FIFA Independent ethics Committee said the pair's 'defence wasn't convincing enough'.

Read FIFA's Official statement released this morning after the cut.....

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1 killed, 36 injured as car plows into crowd on Las Vegas Strip

One person was killed and at least 36 were injured on Sunday night Dec. 20th when a motorist drove onto a crowded sidewalk on the Las Vegas Strip, near the hotel and casino where the Miss Universe pageant was being held, officials said.

A black female drive was reportedly driving an Oldsmobile and there was a three-year-old child in the car with her. Her blood is being drawn to determine if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The child was unharmed. The person that died succumbed to their injuries. 6 other people are said to be in a critical condition while others are receiving treatment for mild injuries.

Police said the woman may have intentionally driven into the crowd as she went on the side walk two times and cleared pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. She then drove away from the scene in a 1996 Oldsmobile and was arrested at a nearby hotel.

Miss Nigeria's outfit at the Miss Universe got people talking

Nigeria's representative at the Miss Universe competition Debbie Collins wore this agriculture-inspired outfit as her traditional costume to Miss Universe 2015 competition. See people's reaction after the cut...

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Real Madrid's appeal over Copa dey Rey expulsion rejected

Real Madrid have lost their appeal against their expulsion from the Copa De Rey.

The Appeal Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has rejected Real Madrid's appeal over their disqualification from the Copa del Rey for fielding the ineligible Denis Cheryshev.

Madrid appealed that decision stating that they had not been notified of Cheryshev's suspension and were therefore not to blame for the error.

However, the Appeal Committee upheld the original ruling and confirmed the news via a statement today.

Fashion Santa Paul Mason takes the internet by storm

Meet the Fashion Santa! Mason, who's been modeling for 30 years, looks like a thin, younger version of the Santa.

Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall has employed Mason as part of a holiday charity campaign, which will donate $1 to the SickKids Foundation for every person who snaps a selfie with Mason and posts it on social media using the hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta.

According to the Toronto Star, he tries to stay away from children at the mall so they don’t confuse him with the traditional Santa. Adults are really his focus.

That is what am talking about - a sexy, suave, adult-oriented Santa not the fat, old Santa everyone knows.

France Football Federation suspends Karim Benzema indefinitely over s3x tape blackmail scandal

The Real Madrid player Karim Benzema has been suspended indefinitely from the French national team over a s3x tape involving France teammate Mathieu Valbuena.

The president of the national football federation (FFF), Le Graet said today that Benzema was put under formal investigation by a French judge last month in connection with an alleged attempt to blackmail international team mate Mathieu Valbuena over a s3x video.
I have decided, it's a decision from the president of the French federation and not from the executive committee or the ethics committee, that Karim Benzema cannot play for France until the situation evolves, Noel Le Graet said, calling it a ''heart-breaking'' decision.

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Facebook reveals its Top 10 most talked about topics, entertainers and movies of 2015

Facebook has released the most talked about topics on the social networking site. As of September 2015, Facebook lays claim to an average of 1.01 billion users per day. Extend that to a monthly basis and the social network attracts 1.55 billion users.

The vast majority of Facebook’s users—83.5%—are outside the United States and Canada. To put that in context, there are estimated to be about 3.26 billion Internet users worldwide, a figure that’s growing rapidly. This means anything that trends on Facebook is a major indicator of what's shaking up the world.

The top 10 lists were measured by how frequently a topic was mentioned in Facebook posts made between January and December 2015.
See the lists after the cut..

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Nicki Minaj is engaged?

Meek Mill finally put a ring on it?

Nicki Minaj who celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday sent fans into a frenzy on Wednesday night after sharing the above picture of huge diamond ring on her Instagram page.

What do you think, Meek popped the question or its just birthday gift?

Don't ban Trump from the UK petition begins

Free speech campaigners have hit back in the row over Donald Trump - by signing a petition that calls for him NOT to be banned from Britain.

The attempt on Parliament's website comes after Labour shadow minister Jack Dromey joined calls for the 'dangerous' demagogue to be banned under hate speech laws.

It claims banning Mr Trump, who owns two Scottish golf resorts, would be "illogical" and says: "We shouldn't be banning people for their opinions on domestic actions in a US political race that doesn't concern us".

But the 8,000-strong call to ban him was outstripped last night by 360,000 signatures (and counting) on an earlier bid to stop the Republican Presidential hopeful coming to Britain's shores . 
Even at midnight more than 16,000 people an hour were signing the original petition and it had become the third-most popular of all time.

Source: UK Mirror

Meet world's first test tube puppies

A team of veterinarians, scientists and lab workers gathered around a surrogate hound and watched her give birth to seven half-pound puppies, the first dogs ever conceived in a test tube.

Dr. Alexander Travis, who runs the lab at the Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, New York said they took a puppy and rubbed it with a little towel and when it started to squiggle and cry, they knew they had success.

The lab kept track of the puppies by painting their nails with different color polish.

In vitro fertilization, the process of fertilizing an egg with sperm outside the body, is widely used to assist human reproduction these days. The first human birth from IVF took place in 1978.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Arbeloa hit back at Gerard Pique over twitter mockery

Real Madrid was last week expelled out of the Copa del Rey for fielding an ineligible player, Cherishev and Barcelona player Gerard Pique, known to cause controversy in Spanish football, went on Twitter to show his happiness at Madrid's woes. Pique posted laughing enoji on Twitter last week just after news filtered in that Madrid will be expelled from the tournament.

And yesterday, Real Madrid Players Ronaldo and Arbeloa hit back at him. What they said after the cut...

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Donald Trump is being compared to Adolf Hitler

The Republican candidate is being compared to Hitler but apparently he doesn't care or so he claims in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday. When asked if the comparisons doesn't give him any pause at all, he responded: "No, because what I 'm doing is no different than what Franklin Delano Roosevelt...FDR's solution for Germans, Italians, Japanese many years ago are reviled."

Floyd Mayweather responds to Chrissy Teigen's tweet

Last week boxer Floyd Mayweather shared a photo of a rare and exotic tiger from India he said he received as a gift. A lot of people had something to say about it...PETA, Social Media users and of course, John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen who kinda suggested that she hopes Floyd gets eaten by his pet tiger.
In an interview with Fight Hype, Mayweather was asked about what Teigen said about him on Twitter. See what he said after the cut...

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Check out this politician's controversial Christmas card

America is no stranger to gun violence, every time there's a shooting, advocates of gun violence are pitted against those who think guns are not the problem, one such person is US politican , Michele fiore.

The Nevada politician decided to arm family with guns for Christmas card . Fiore, who represents Clark Country District 4 in Las Vegas, shared the image on Facebook which has the caption: "From My Family to Yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays".

Alongside the post, she told her followers on the social network: "It's up to Americans to protect America. We're just your ordinary American family."

Her photo didn't get much love online with internet users calling her out for the card...

Transgender brother and sister swap sexes

A brother and sister have swapped genders after they came out to their parents as transgender just a month apart.

At just three years old, Aly McGarrity was a tomboy who enjoyed playing football with the boys, while older sibling Russie, then 5, preferred playing dress up with the girls.

For Russie, now known as Rai, the next few years were hard, her mother Beth told Good Housekeeping.

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Check out these real-life looking paintings

At first glance, you might not think there's anything particularly unusual about these photos of these women but if you look a little closer, you'll see they are in fact paintings. They are the result of painstakingly long hours of brushing layer-upon-layer of oil paint. The work of 41 year old Philipp Weber, a hyper-realistic artist.

Philipp says whenever he starts a new piece, he first brings his ideas to life through a photo-shoot with models, make-up artists and a team of snappers. More pictures after the cut...

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Russell Simmons and Piers Morgan write open letters to close friend Donald Trump

US presidential candidate and billionaire business Donald Trump has been branded a 'hate preacher' by the international community and now faces ban in some countries after 'a total and complete shutdown' of Muslim immigration into America.

His old friend Russel Simmon wrote him an open letter expressing his disappointment over his comments.

The former Def Jam Records co-founder appealed to Trump's better side, saying: "You’re smarter and certainly more loving then you let on."

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Oscar Pistorius studying law degree with a London university

The former athlete who has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend on Appeal but granted bail at Pretoria's High Court on Tuesday morning, is reportedly to be studying for a law degree through a London university course. 

This was known after Oscar submitted an affidavit to court during his bail hearing on Tuesday morning that he required daily internet access to continue his studies.
I have enrolled at the London School of Economics for a B.Sc business with law degree. I study by way of correspondence and need daily access to the internet for this purpose.
He also told the court that he had no income & had lost all his assets but said he was actively seeking employment.

Names of Paris victims projected on buildings in Lyon

The French city of Lyon on Tuesday, December 8, paid tribute to the victims of Paris attacks by lighting up the names on buildings of Lyon, central France.

The commemoration took the place of the Festival of Lights, a four-day event that draws around three million people to the city, which was cancelled this year over security concerns following the November 13 attacks in Paris.

Lyon’s mayor Gerard Collomb called for the tribute instead, while city residents still placed lighted candles in their windows and in public squares as tradition dictates.

A light installation is seen on the facade on the banks of the Saone river, a creation titled “Regards” (Looks) by Daniel Knipper.

The names of the Paris victims - their first names, lit up in a giant hand-written scrawl - then followed as thousands looked on.

Kimora Lee Simmons pregnant with her 5th child

The 40 year old former model and fashion designer is allegedly  pregnant with baby number 5 for her Goldman Sachs banker husband, Tim Leissner. The couple already have a 6-month-old son named Wolfe.

Kimora already has 4 children. Two teen daughters, Ming Lee, 15, and Aoki Lee, 13, with first husband, Russell Simmons and 6 year old Kenzo Lee Hounsou, with actor Djimon Hounsou.

More than 400k signing petition to ban Donald Trump from Britain over 'hate speech'

Donald Trump is know for his bitter mouse and hate speech. Now more than 400,000 people as at 2pm today have signed a petition, including almost 17,000 in the last hour calling on the British Government to ban U.S presidential candidate Donald Trump from entering Britain after his 'hate speech' in which he said some policemen in London fear for their lives and don't enter some sections of London, saying sections of the city are highly radicalized.
We have places in London and other places that are so radicalized that police are afraid for their own lives.' Donald Trump said 
The Republican candidate also suggested a complete ban on the immigration of Muslims into the U.S.

British politicians David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Boris Johnson and even Scotland Yard issued strongly-worded condemnation describing him as a 'hate preacher' for his 'obnoxious, repellent and dangerous' outbursts

According to the petition rule, Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures.

Kylie Jenner gets freak in Interview Magazine

Follow in big sister Kim K's footsteps....

The 18-year-old reality star shows off naked butt in the new issue of Interview Magazine, wearing a racy latex outfit.

She looks a little crazy in the photos but it's also quite sexy. See more photos after the cut...

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Erykah Badu kinda confirms she and Drake had 'relations'

Erykah Badu has a thing for rapers. She has three kids with three different rappers (Andre 3000, Jay Electronica, and The D.O.C.) and has dated Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Common and now, she kinda confirmed that she had a thing with Drake. Well, she didn't say it outright but she kinda alluded to it when asked by Complex magazine about the rumoured fling and when she "invited Drake over to her home for tea.
He liked it . . . We’re friends. I don’t know how to define that. Kinda like when you have good chemistry with someone. You like the same kind of music. You like the same kind of movies . . . I think our friendship is a slow burn. There’s plenty of time to experiment with music and stuff.

The Kardashian/Jenner clan - Thanksgiving photos

The KardashianJenner females pose with their children and men for thanksgiving. The only person missing was Robert. Kim K said she was thankful for her blended family. Khloe K shares photos of their thanksgiving feast which she made. Khloe K made dinner for the whole family and shared photos of the food she made. She said:

More photos after the cut..

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Model had 6 of her ribs removed to achieve cartoon character look

Former electrician from Sweden, Pixee Fox, has spent more than $119,200 (£79,160) on 15 surgeries so that she could look like a cartoon character. .

The 25 years old has had six of her lower ribs removed in a bid to shrink her waist to a record breaking 14 inches.

Pixee, who now lives in North Carolina, underwent the extreme five-hour keyhole surgery in Indianapolis last month. Left is what she looked like before the surgery. Right is what she looks like now. The surgery is irreversible.

See more of her photos after the cut...

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Apple named 2015 world's most valuable brand

Infographic: Apple Reclaims Title of Most Valuable Brand | Statista
Apple has overthrown Google to reclaim its title as the world’s most valuable brand for the year 2015.

The company had a great surge in 2015 thanks to the huge success of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, beating Google with a growth of over $70 billion. 

Microsoft came 3rd in the annual rankings made by Millard Brown, with just a little separating them from 4th-ranked IBM.

IceT and Coco welcome baby girl

Coco and her husband Ice-T have welcomed their first child together, a beautiful baby girl named Chanel Nicole, who was born early Saturday morning in New Jersey. Coco posted a photo of their daughter on her Instagram page today and wrote

Aftermath of Russian war-plane downing: See what Russia did to 39 Turkish business men

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have reputations for talking aggressively and acting decisively.

Russia has reportedly deported 39 business men from Turkey saying the businessmen were on tourist visas instead of business visas. The businessmen say they didn’t know they had violated immigration laws but were arrested and deported by authorities. This comes after the downing of a Russian war-plane by Turkish military after the plane tried to cross Turkish borders and enter Turkish airspace.

Both pilots ejected from the plane and one, Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, was rescued by Russian special forces after he landed in the forest in rebel-held territory but the other, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov was shot dead by rebels.

Turkey and NATO had repeatedly warned Russia its fighter jets were violating Turkish air space and the alliance’s southern flank, and if these incursions continued they would be shot down.

Kylie Jenner flaunts her bikini body

Kylie Jenner showed off her toned body in some throwback birthday vacation photos.

Kenyans come for Fox News after they referred to Kenya as "War Torn" country

Fox TV was running segment ahead of Pope Francis' trip to three African nations, starting in Kenya.

Kenyans are now drawing blood on twitter after the conservative US TV in its news referred to Kenya as a "War Torn" country. This comes 4 months after CNN made the same mistake in a report in which they referred to the country as "Terror Bed". 

Social media users pointed out the script was symptomatic of how western media perceives and covers the continent.

See the hilarious tweets after the cut...

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Paris terror attacks: Man says a mobile phone saved his life

A man has claimed his mobile phone saved his life during the devastating terror attack outside France's national stadium last night.

The man, known only as Sylvestre, said his head would have "exploded" - had his mobile took the impact of a bullet.

He was pictured moments after the attacks in Paris still holding onto his Samsung phone which had a smashed screen and huge dent in one side.

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At least 153 killed in Paris terror multiple attacks

At least 153 people have been killed and several people injured in six different shootings in Paris late Friday.

Terrorists -- some with AK-47s, some reportedly with bombs strapped to them -- attacked sites throughout the French capital and at the stadium where the soccer match was underway.

Many people were killed in shootings in two restaurants (Le Petit Cambodge and La Belle Equipe), Bataclan concert hall and another attack at the famous French national stadium where French President Francois Hollande was watching a match. He was immediately removed from the stadium by his security operatives.

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Donald Trump goes off on Ben Carson, calls Iowas "stupid"

Donald J. Trump on Thursday released a wave of insults on main presidential rival Dr Ben Carson in a television interview comparing him to a child molester and saying the people of Iowa must be stupid to believe Carson's claims in his book.

This twin tirades came two days after the fourth Republican presidential debate where Dr Carson moved ahead of Trump in polls by Republicans in Iowa and some national polls as well too.

In Ben Carson's best-seller book, Gifted Hands, the doctor narrated how he nearly would have killed a friend with a knife who he later referred to as a 'close relative' while he was young and struggling with 'anger issues' if not for the waist belt of the relative that prevented the knife from stabbing through.
For minutes, Trump went about angrily attacking his chief rival, saying the retired doctor has a "pathological disease" with no cure, similar to being a child molester.

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Former basketball player found dead

Michael Wright, 35, a former University of Arizona basketball star, was found dead. His body was discovered under garbage bags in an SUV in Brooklyn on Monday.

Police are investigating whether a once promising basketball player found dead in the back of his car was killed by a man he met on a gay dating app.

Wright was drafted by the Knicks in 2001 but never made the roster. Since then he has played around Europe, joining teams in Turkey, France and Poland.

Seattle's gum wall cleaned for the first time in two decades

The famed market's gum wall in Seattle, where tourists and residents have stuck used chewing gum for the past 20 years, has received a deep cleaning by city authorities. The wall has long been covered by wads of gum in many colors, some stretched to make elaborate messages and designs.

Pictures, business cards and other mementos were also attached to an estimated 1 million pieces of chewed gum stuck to the wall. But now authorities have used industrial steam cleaners to clean the wall in the Pike Place Market.

A spokeswoman for the market, Emily Crawford, said despite the wall's popularity, it was in urgent need of a clean. Zoe Freeman, who works near Pike Place, said: "The market is famous for the gum wall. But it also draws rats." She added: "It's an icon. It's history."

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Lamar Odom's kidney improves - no longer needs dialysis

Just yesterday it was reported that the former basketball player needs a a new kidney and will be on 6 hours of dialysis daily but as of this morning, he has miraculously healed and doesn't need this anymore. ..at least this is according to TMZ. Read their report below...
Lamar has made a shocking turnaround ... his kidney's have improved so much he'll be off 6 hours of daily dialysis and he won't need a kidney transplant ... TMZ has learned.

We're told the big hurdle for days has been Lamar's kidneys and they've responded so well in the last 48 hours they've moved him from the ICU where he was getting dialysis in a private room.
Doctors told Lamar his kidney problems were life-threatening, and they told him they're surprised at the dramatic improvement.

Lamar is on the floor where hospital staff performs physical therapy. We're told Lamar's motor skills are impaired from the strokes, and he'll undergo increasingly rigorous therapy to regain function.

We're told the Kardashians are happy about the news, with one big caveat ... Lamar's now able to make his own decisions, and he hasn't necessarily chosen wisely during the last few months.

Russia bans foreign managers from Russian football

It has emerged that the Russian Ministry of Sport has signed a document banning all foreign head coaches from the Russian League.

Former Chelsea coach, Andre Villas-Boas who is Portuguese and manages Zenith St Petersburg was reportedly planning to leave at the end of the season but it’s unclear if his tenure will last that long now.

According to Eurosport, the bill was signed on September 21st and published on the official web portal of legal information on October 28th.

Interestingly, the Russian national team can still be run by a foreign coach. At clubs, they can employ foreigners as coaches – but not the head coach. 

Out of sixteen clubs in the Russian Premier League, six are run by foreigners. It’s unclear how soon they will be forced to leave their jobs.

Pope takes a selfie with a Hindu guy

Pope Francis took a selfie with this Hindu man during his weekly audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Wednesday October 28th.

"World expects believers to work together for peace" pope says

I like this modern pope!

Diamond Platnumz wins Best African/Indian Act at the 2015 MTV EMA

Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz won the Best African/Indian Act award at the 2015 MTV EMA which took place in Milan last night. He beat African musicians including Nigeria’s Davido and Yemi Alade, SA’s AKA and Ivorian DJ Arafat as well as leading Indian musicians to win the MTV prize.

Winner: Diamond Platnumz

Yemi Alade
DJ Arafat
Indus Creed
Monica Dogra
Priyanka Chopra
The Ska Vengers
Your Chin

See other winners after the cut..

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Feminist writer says Caitlyn Jenner and other transgender women are not women

Germaine Greer, the second-wave feminist best known for her 1970 book The Female Eunuch, accused Caitlyn Jenner of “stealing the limelight” from the other women of the Kardashian clan.

During BBC2’s Newsnight interview, Greer said that “misogyny played a big part” in Glamour magazine’s decision to award Jenner their woman of the year award.

She also defended previous statements in which she claimed that trans women were not “real women.” adding that they do not ‘look like, sound like or behave like women.

Greer’s statements prompted a petition circulated by Cardiff University students. The petition, aimed at having Greer barred from giving a speech on campus, was started by Rachael Melhuish, women’s officer at the Cardiff University Students’ Union. It claims that Greer has“demonstrated time and time again her misogynistic views towards trans women, including continually ‘misgendering’ trans women and denying the existence of transphobia altogether.”By Saturday, the petition had more than 800 signatures.

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Lewis Hamilton wins his third F1 world championship

Lewis Hamilton could not hold back tears as he hailed what he says is the 'greatest moment of my life'.

The 30-year-old, won a thrilling United States Grand Prix to seal the drivers' title with his 10th victory of 2015.

He is only the second British driver after Sir Jackie Stewart to achieve the feat.

Congrats to him.

Victoria and David Beckham mark their 16th wedding anniversary

Still going strong!

41-year-old fashion designer Victoria Beckham shared a touching photo of the couple surrounded by their beautiful children Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10, and three-year-old Harper as the couple celebrate their 16th year wedding anniversary. She captioned it: ‘Happy anniversary, I love u so much x I'm so proud of our beautiful family x.’ awww! lovely

World’s tallest cow

A  6-foot-4, Blosom the Holstein has named the world’s tallest cow. That’s the determination made by Guinness World Records, which had previously named the female Holstein the world’s tallest living cow.

The new record was announced on June 25, 2015.

Blosom lived on a farm in Orangeville, Illinois. Her owner, Patty Meads-Hanson, got Blosom when the cow was just eight weeks old. Blosom was 13 years old when she died on May 26. During her life, she was the official "greeter" for Memory Lane Crafting Retreat, a retreat situated on the farm.
A post on Blosom’s Facebook page said the cow “was called to graze in a more glorious pasture.”

Meads-Hanson found the cow down in a pasture, her left leg in “a position that wasn’t normal,” according to a post on the Facebook page. Two veterinarians worked in the pouring rain to try to lift the cow but they were ultimately unsuccessful. Blosom died after suffering a leg injury.

“Her injury appeared to happen when she laid down, slipping in the mud, and damaging a ligament in her hip, and would never be able to stand. I had to make that hard decision - I wouldn't let her suffer. It's the last act of kindness you can do for an animal you love, but it sure is hard,” Meads-Hanson wrote on Facebook.

Source: ABC

See what she ordered and got

Someone ordered an Elsa (from Disney's Frozen) cake on the left but she got this hideous cake instead. She shared her grievance on social media, the photo has since gone viral, lolest.

When celebs dress more scandalous than p♥rn stars

A photo trending on twitter shows comparison between p♥rn stars at their 2014 award ceremony and the most influential celebrities at the MET Gala in New York earlier this week.