Roma legend Francesco Totti meets fan with giant tatoo of him on his back

The 39-year-old Francesco Totti, made the dream of a die-hard fan who has a huge tattoo of him celebrating a goal in front of Rome's iconic Colosseum come through by meeting up with him.

Thomas Jonsson of Sweden, an ardent Roma supporter since the age of six, got a giant tattoo of Roma legend on his back.

Totti, who saw Jonsson's tattoo after he posted a picture of it online, invited him to visit Roma's training ground in Trigoria for a special meeting.
He seems to like my tattoo,' Jonsson told Roma's official website, 'To meet Totti was just amazing.

He has a great sense of humour – he also asked when I was going to do a chest tattoo!

It's a celebration of our captain and our leader, his loyalty and just being the King of Rome.
Would you go this far for the love of soccer?

Meet the Rich Parents of Instagram

Y'all know the account 'The Rich Kids of Instagram', now their parents are taking to social media to show off their lavish lifestyles and wealth with Rich Parents of Instagram

The millionaire mums and dads brag about private jets, fast cars and expensive bubbly.

Check out some photos after the cut...

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At least 10 dead after a residential building collapsed in Nairobi due to heavy rain

At least 10 people have been confirmed dead and 121 rescued so far after a residential building collapsed in Haruma, Kenyan capital Nairobi, late Friday night following a heavy downpour.

Rescuers including Kenyan Red Cross search and rescue team is leading efforts to find people feared trapped and possibly killed.

The Red Cross said they managed to pull three children and an adult from the remains of the six-story building, adding that 150 building units and adjacent homes were affected.

Nairobi's Police Chief, Japheth Koome who confirmed the death toll said hours-long traffic jams caused by flooded roads delayed.

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Tanzania is placed 2nd on the list of 15 fastest growing economies in Africa 2016 - IFM

According to the new statistic shared by International Monetary Funds (IMF), Tanzania is placed 2nd among the top 15 fastest growing economies in Africa.

With an expected growth rate of 8.5 per cent for 2016, Côte d’Ivoire will be the fastest growing economy in Africa and Senegal completing the top three with 6.6 per cent.

See top 10 after the cut

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TIME's 100 most influential people 2016

The list for 2016 includes Obama, Nicki Minaj, Idris Elba, Taraji P. Henson, Caitlyn Jenner, Stephen Curry, Mark Zuckerberg, John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, Kendrick Lamar, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Adele, Nicki Minaj, Usain Bolt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson and more.

See the full list after the cut....

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Kendall Jenner mad at Rob Kardashian for re-gifting her present to Blac Chyna

In a new clip for the upcoming 12th season, the 29-year-old gets a verbal lashing from half-sister Kendall Jenner after she discovers he has given the Christmas present she got him to Blac Chyna.

The 20-year-old found out that Rob had been doing some re-gifting after Chyna apparently posted a photo which showed her with the iPad in question
Rob is dating someone that has kind of had a bad history with my family and he fully regifted my gift,” the 20-year-old model says to the camera. “On top of it, it’s so annoying to find out through social media because his girlfriend posted it. Like, there’s some things that just aren’t cool and I don’t think this is very cool.
With a little encouragement from sis Kylie, Kendall confronts Rob over the phone and a war of words quickly ensued. 

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Mafikizolo ft Diamond Platnumz - Colors Of Africa

Mafikizolo and Diamond have dropped their new collabo 'Colors of Africa'. What I love about this video is the colors and dance moves, which also featured our own supermodel Millen Magese.

Watch the official video here

Miley Cyrus gets tattoo of Saturn, calls it Jupiter

Miley Cyrus got an astronomy lesson to go along with her brand new ink.

The singer shared a photo of a planet she had tattooed on her arm and captioned it, the planet Jupiter, sharing the hashtag #🍄🍕🐸🌻💕 #lilbbJupiter. However, if you’ll look closely at the tattoo she got, it’s not actually Jupiter, but the visibly ringed Saturn.

Fans were quick to point out, leaving harsh comments. Miley has since edited the caption and replaced the jupiter hashtag with #stonerasfuck

Apple pays tribute to 'young and talented' employee who 'took his own life' at the company's HQ

Apple has paid tribute to a Hispanic employee who killed himself at the company's Cupertino headquarters on Wednesday.

His death comes a day after the tech giant's stocks tumbled after their revenue declined for the first time in 13 years.

A spokesman representing technology giant 'Apple' said:
We are heartbroken by the tragic loss of a young and talented coworker. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends, including the many people he worked with here at Apple.'
The Santa Clara County Sheriff's office have also investigated the suicide & confirmed that there was no other individuals involved.

They believe it was an isolated incident, there was no risk to the rest of the staff.

Kigamboni Bridge (Tanzania): East Africa’s longest suspension bridge

Much awaited modern Kigamboni Toll Bridge in Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam has finally been opened to the motorist today.

The 680-meter-long Kigamboni Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in East Africa, will be a huge relief to city’s motorist and from the gridlock, which has crippled the city center core and other major routes, especially to and from Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport.

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Happy 94th birthday Nyerere

Happy 94th birthday Mwalimu. We are forever grateful for your service. May your soul continue to rest in peace.

Photo credit: M.Mlingwa

Bag of air from Kobe Bryant's final NBA game on sale for $15,000

The bag of air supposedly from Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game was put up for sale on eBay on Saturday. Sports Illustrated reports that starting bid on the bag started at $1, but rose up to $15,000 with 93 bids over the weekend. But the $15,000 bag was reportedly removed on Sunday.

Europe migrant crisis: Hundreds feared dead after boat capsizes in Mediterranean sea

About five hundred migrants are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea after their boat capsized.

The The survivors, from Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Egypt said they were traveling from Libya to Italy.

According to the group, about 240 migrants left the Libyan port city of Tobruk heading for Italy.
Muaz from Ethiopia insisted that about 500 other migrants died when their boat capsized. He said:

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'I felt like a monster' - Chris Brown talks about life after Rihanna assault

Chris Brown in his new documentary called Welcome To My life, revealed how he felt after his problem with Rihanna.

The 26 year old music star says the assault on Rihanna changed his life forever as he watched the media go after him and seven years on, his actions on that night still haunt him.

Speaking in the trailer for the new documentary, he said:
I went from being on top of the world, number one songs, being kind of like America's sweetheart, to being public enemy number one.

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Baby Tiffah

Diamond and Zari toddler...cute!

4 year old who was supposedly shot dead by her brother was actually killed by their father

Remember yesterday we reported that a four-year-old girl was fatally shot in the face inside the family’s Philadelphia residence? Well, her father Maurice Phillips, 30, confessed to shooting her by accident.

The girl, whose name has not been released, was shot around 2.25pm on Saturday and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police investigating the shooting originally said that the youngster had been shot by her five-year-old brother.

The father fled the house after the shooting but later in the evening, he turned himself in to a police station and confessed to killing the child. He told officers that he had been playing with the gun and it had gone off accidentally, WNCN reports.

Police say a semiautomatic pistol was recovered inside the home.

Philips is now facing charge

Did you know this?


5-year-old boy shoots 4 year old sister to death

On Saturday afternoon, a five-year-old boy shot and killed his four-year-old sister inside their home in Philadelphia.

The girl was shot once in the face and was pronounced dead at the scene by medics.

The semi-automatic pistol that was used in the shooting was discovered to be that of their mother's boyfriend who fled the scene after the shooting.

He was later apprehended late Saturday evening is being interrogated by the Police.

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Samburu tribe inspired Dolls

Africlandpost shared these are collectors on their facebook page. The crew will be giving you feedback on how to get the dolls as they are just skeptical if Africans/blacks would buy African stuff, so they are taking their time to evaluate if it's worth mass production, time and investment.

Most people commented on the page that they will buy the dolls for their kids only if they are made in Africa.

The look on the boy's face though

Hahahaaaaaa! I can't deal! 
Hahahaaaaaa! I can't stop laughing.

Singer Jackie Chandiru admitted to rehab

What's going with East African female musicians?

Y'all remember Jackie Chandiru, Ugandan songstress and also once a member of all-girl music group Blue 3, was rushed to hospital where she underwent extensive treatment for drug-related injuries, according to reports. Jackie was found lifeless at her home and has since been admitted to rehab.

Jackie is now undergoing treatment for her drug addiction and is expected to spend the next 6 months there under very close supervision.

The sexy singer, who at one time held the East African charts after going solo from the girls group Blue 3, dedicated her life to cocaine and heroin addiction. This brought about the down fall of her music career.

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To women of color

Embrace you me some African prints

Tanzanian Herieth Paul wins 'Model of The Year' at The 2016 Canadian Fashion Awards.

Tanzanian international supermodel Herieth Paul last night was awarded model of the year at the annual Canadian Art And Fashion Awards. Herieth who was a few months ago named Maybelline new face , was in stiff competition in her category with fellow models Heather Marks, Kirsten Owen and Crista Cober.

Miss Paul has walked for Diane von Fürstenberg, Lacoste, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Armani, Cavalli and 3.1 Phillip Lim. She moved to Ottawa, Canada at the age of 14 due to her mother being a diplomat.

Congrats to Herieth and keep fllying Tanzanian flag higher..

My secret marriage to Idris- US lawyer reveals how she became Idris Elba's second wife

Just a few weeks ago, Idris Elba walked out on Naiyana Garth, the British mother of his two-year-old son. Now the second wife he secretly married and divorced, Sonya Hamlin has stepped forward with a story of her own.

Hamlin is a property lawyer whom Elba was married to for just a few weeks before, he told her that he couldn't continue being married to her because she would get in the way of his career.

In her first-ever interview, the 44-year-old who studied law in London and Washington said:
People were telling him he was going to ruin his career. He was being told it was an important part of his image to be a single sex symbol in Hollywood and being married would damage that'.

It was very sad. Idris and I were madly in love, but he was getting a lot of flak for being married. Everyone was like, “Dude, you’re the hottest sex symbol!”

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Anna Wintour apologizes for calling Kanye West's fashion show 'Migrant Chic'

During an interview on the show, 'Late Night With Seth Meyers', Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour talked about arriving early for the show at Madison Square Garden, “waiting for the Kardashians to arrive en masse – and Jay-Z. So, eventually, they did turn up and The Life of Pablo concert started and the migrant chic fashion show started and they were both wonderful.” Later, she got lost and was recognized as a basketball mom.

She said to the late night show host, Seth Meyers:
They put me in this huge VIP section and I was the only person sitting there for about half an hour.

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Obama in a crawling race with an adorable baby

He is such a cool guy. Source: The White House - Facebook

Fitness Entrepreneur, Devin Physique shows off his collection of sneakers

The personal trainer shared a photo of his pairs of sneakers to inspire fans following him on Instagram. Celebrating his growth over time, He wrote,
So Someone asked me the other day how many pairs of shoes I had. I actually didn't even know the answer to that, so I made sure while making the video I counted how many I did have. Well the results are in, I currently own 160 pairs.

I remember when I couldn't afford more than one pair of shoes at a time, and now that I can, I treat myself. Working hard is something that I love to do, and with that you should always reward yourself. I don't waste my money on going out to party, or clubs, or bars. I never drink and I save pretty much every $ I earn, other than the occasional shoe purchase each week. If you're going to spend money, spend it on things that last a while, that make you happy. Plus I know several of you ladies out there have a shoe collection way bigger than mine, so I'm trying to catch up. 😈
Another photo of Devin

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Kylie Jenner puts her hot body on display

Kylie Jenner who's currently at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, shared new photos of herself displaying her bod in a two-piece bikini while sporting a multi colored braided hair.

Comedian Bette Midler mocks Rob K & Kylie Jennner

Bette Midler proves her Twitter fingers fear no one when she takes aim at Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna's engagement on Twitter...and Kristin sent her the chart after the cut....hilarious!

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Idris Sultan & Feza Kessy join Choice FM

The two Big Brother Africa housemates are set to be co-hosts at a radio show "Hard Drive"

Stay tuned....

Huddah Monroe shows off inside her home & her customised Range Rover

The former BBA housemate and Kenyan socialite posed with her pink Range Rover SUV. See more photos after the cut...

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Thousands join anti-Mugabe protest in Zimbabwe

Thousands of opposition supporters marched through the streets of Zimbabwe's capital Harare demanding President Robert Mugabe - who is 92 years old - to step down.

The march went ahead after a ruling by the High Court. Police had initially denied permission.

The supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) carried anti-Mugabe placards and sang party songs before party leader Morgan Tsvangirai gave a speech against the presidency.

Speaking before the crowd, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai made clear that the protesters were not calling for revolution, but merely fair elections.

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It's official - Wema dumps Idris over 98 million.

It is official Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan ain't in love anymore !....Well, according to latest news the two top celebs have parted ways and the reason is Idris failure to give Wema money to take her car (Range Rover Evoque) from Tanzania Revenue Authority(TRA). An insider who happens to be Wema's close friend speaking with Globalpublishers revealed...
What caused their separation is Tsh. 98 million Wema wanted to take her Range Rover Evoque from Tanzania Revenue Authority, she asked Idris to give her the amount but Idris didn't , so that is the main reason Wema wasn't happy and she ended their relationship" said the source

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Mr.Blue marries former beauty queen Waheeda Sylvester

Bongo Flava music star Mr. Blue has married his long time girlfriend and baby mama former beauty queen and video vixen Waheeda Sylvester. 

The couple got hitched yesterday and together they have two kids. It was an Islamic wedding, take a glimpse of their wedding photos after the cut...

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UEFA Champions League - Semi-Final Draw

The semifinal draw for the UEFA champions league took place minutes ago and we all now know about a four-horse race.

Real Madrid will battle it out Manchester city while Bayern Munich will slug it out with giant-slaying Atletico Madrid for a place in the final.

Manchester City is in the semi-finals for the first time in their history.

The final will take place at Milan's Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on Saturday 28 May

First legs:
26 April: Manchester City v Real Madrid

April: Atlético Madrid v Bayern München

Second legs:
3 May: Bayern München v Atlético Madrid

4 May: Real Madrid v Manchester City

Ciara refuses to say Future's name as she announces Billboard Award nominees

Ciara and Ludacris were on Good Morning America on Monday to announce the nominees for the 2016 Billboard Music award. However, Ciara was not pleased when she saw ex-lover Future's name on her card as she announced the top rap artist category for the Billboard Music Awards on Monday

She started to announce the names of Drake and Fetty Wap before she suddenly fell silent and refused to mention her baby Daddy- Future's name when she saw his name on her card. There was a brief awkward silence before Ludacris stepped in and read out Future's name.

Once that awkward moment was out of the way the sexy 30-year-old stepped in again, announcing the rest of the nominees.

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Rihanna's 'Work' breaks another Billboard #Hot100 Record

The Pop Singer shared the news on Instagram, Thanking God & her Navy (her fans).

Meet Lil Wayne's three sons

Lil Wayne, 33, has four children with four different women. A girl, Reginae Carter, who is 18 and three boys. He flew all his sons to Miami to be with him this weekend.

The biracial one is radio broadcaster Sarah Vivian's son, Dwayne Michael Carter III, born in 2008. The boy in red is Lauren London's son, Lennox Samuel Ari, born in Sept. 2009 and his youngest son, Neal, in dreads, born a few weeks later on Nov. 30 by singer Nivea.

Lil Wayne’s “Modern Family” breakdown after the cut

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Breaking News: President Magufuli fires Anne Malecela

Pasua Jipu campaign - starring Magufuri.....

President John Magufuli has fired Ms Anne Kilango Malecela as SHINYANGA Regional Commissioner (RC)

The action was triggered by Anne's statement on media that her region has no fake employees, thing which  prompted the White House to make its own investigation and identified 45 fake workers.

Speaking at the State House in Dar es Salaam, Mr. President has expressed his disappointment with the situation and said the number could increase as the investigation is still in progress.

Magufuli said after rescinding her appointment, Anne will be assigned to another job.

He also asked the heads of all regions to identify all fake employees and terminate them immediately.

John Terry offers to pay for funeral of 8yr old Chelsea fan who lost his battle with leukaemia

Chelsea captain John Terry has offered to pay for the funeral of an 8 year old Chelsea fan who lost his battle with leukaemia.

The young boy, Tommi Miller died after an unsuccessful attempt to carry out a bone marrow transplant.

The Cambridge born boy met Terry, his idol and some other Chelsea players at Stamford Bridge in June last year and Terry says he was devastated to hear of the kid's passing away.

Speaking to Cambridge News, the 35-year-old said:
Having had the pleasure of meeting Tommi at a Chelsea game I was totally devastated to hear of him passing away. I'm sure his family and friends will give him the send off he deserves.
The funeral for Tommi will take place on Thursday April 14 with everyone expected to wear Chelsea or Cambridge united Jerseys during the funeral service.

Kate Middleton struggles to control her £1,700 dress as she and husband, Prince William attend Dehli war memorial

The Duchess of Cambridge almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction when a gust of wind blew her dress up as she paid tribute to Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the world war I .

During the national memorial which took place in Delhi, Kate and William laid a wreath at the tomb of one of the soldiers, Kate couldn't concentrate as she repeatedly battled to stop her dress blowing up. More photos after the cut.

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"I find it hard to trust people's words" writes 68yr-old Swedish woman dumped by her 26yr old Ugandan husband

Mona-lisa Larsson who is still reeling from the shock of being dumped by her 26-year-old Ugandan husband, Ronald Ssemawere aka Guvnor Ace, shared this post on Facebook few days ago. Is she making reference to her failed marriage?

Mona-Lisa had accused the artiste of using her to get into Europe and now wants to marry a younger woman. According to her post, Guvnor Ace is seeking political asylum in Norway.

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DIY - Homemade sage sea salt scrub


2 cups fine sea salt
1 cup olive oil
Fresh sage (4-6 leaves)
1/2 cup date sugar
1 grapefruit (red or white)

 - Puree the olive oil and sage in a blender for one minute on high
 - Pour puree mixture into sea salt and date sugar and mix well
 - Zest rind off grapefruit and add to above mixture and mix well
 - Apply to body and massage into skin
 - Allow scrub to sit on skin for a minimum of 1 minute
 - Rinse

(Any remaining scrub can be stored for up to 14 days in a refrigerator)

To women of color

Embrace your beautiful natural hair

Son receives funny and heartbreaking email from his dad, who died two years ago

A reddit user Beersie_McSlurrp shared a story of how he was shocked to receive an email from his dad who had died two years ago.

The E-Mail message was sent using the FutureMe site, which allows users to send emails to their future selves or to other people.

The man told his son that he "always said I will come back and haunt you", and opened the email with the line: "Hello Son, I am talking to you from the grave, wooooooooo."

He wrote:
Seriously, by the time you read this, I will have passed on. Hopefully by now you have adjusted well enough to life without the old man and you have managed to help your mother adjust.

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Dutch team recreate viral Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid dressing room pose

Dutch second division side Almere City FC celebrated a victory by reenacting the viral Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid dressing room photo.

What stands out most of all is perhaps the player who impersonated Ronaldo, despite having what can only be described as a fantastic Dad bod.

The photo was tweeted by the club following their 2-1 win at OSS on Friday night and has since received thousands of retweets.

Ronaldo and Co made headlines with their post-match reaction to a 2-1 win over rivals Barcelona at the Nou Camp last weekend.

Leicester City qualify for the Champions League for the first time in history

Leicester City has secured a historic Champions League spot after beating Sunderland 0-2 yesterday. This is the first time 'The Foxes' as they are fondly called have qualified for the UEFA Champions League in the history of the club and with 6 games to go are on course to win the English Premier League title.

The victory at the Stadium of Light took Claudio Ranieri's men onto 72 points, and with United losing at White Hart Lane, the Foxes cannot now finish any lower than fourth in the Premier League -- which books a place in the final qualifying round.

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Ray C goes back to using drugs

Singer Ray C, born Rehema Chalamila is into drugs again.

It's very sad as we all loved she got better after years of struggling with drug addition. She was already recovered and gained a lot of weight, even started running a drugs-free foundation to help in eradication and sensitization of drug abuse among the why started doing it again?

The Na Wewe Milele singer has been denied Methadone, a drug used by ex-addicts as a pain reliever and treatment to heroin addiction, because every time her urine gets checked shows positive, meaning she is still into drugs.

Reportedly, she is now dating ex-boyfriend's best friend who is selling and doing drugs...but why Ray C?

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