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Memory lane: BBA ex-housemates Kevin & Elizabeth

Did you know these BBA ex-housemates have two kids already?

Nigerian-Tanzanian couple, Elizabeth and Kevin Chuwang Pam met inside the 2009 Big Brother Africa House, they fell in love and after the show got married in February 2011 in Abuja. Three years down the line, they have a 3yr old daughter and a son who they welcomed on Oct. 4th.

Cute kids!

Spotted: BBA ex housemates Oneal and Abby in Dar

Qway International, the exclusive agent, importer and distributor for the Mo√ęt-Hennessy brand portfolio in East Africa together with Hennessy has already executed 5 events which happened every Friday, in 5 different venues across urban Dar es Salaam, showcasing 5 iconic cocktails in the run up to the grand finale.

Ya'll remember Oneal from Big Brother Africa "The Chase" and his famous saying "At this particular Juncture". The Botswanan lad is dating his Tanzanian ex-housemate, Feza Kessy, whom he met in Biggy's house. In the middle is former Big Brother 1 housemate, Abby from South Africa, who is living in Tanzania for many years now.

Basketmouth in Dar

Most of you remember the funny Nigerian video "Two Things Involved"

Well, get your pop corns ready as Nigerian comedian BasketMouth scheduled to perform in Dar this coming December! Thanks to Evans Bukuku and his Vuvuzela Ent team...

Got your ticket yet?! online:

Little girl viciously assaulted by a maid

Thankfully, the little girl is okay. Mothers kindly mind the people you leave your kids with....

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President Obama to grant legal status to 4.5m illegal US immigrants

This is really gonna cause so much commotion!

Yesterday, President Obama made a blockbuster announcement on immigration that got a lot of Americans divided. In his new plan, about 4.5 illegal immigrants in the US will now be able to get legal status and allowed to apply for work permits. 

This applies to only those who have no criminal records, have been in the US illegally for at least 5 years and are willing to pay their outstanding tax. 

The Republicans are angry though and call it "lawless amnesty". They believe it will encourage more people to arrive the US unlawfully.
The action by the president yesterday will only encourage more people to come here illegally. It also punishes those who have obeyed the law and waited their turn." Republican Speaker of the House said today But fortunately for Obama, he doesn't need the permission of congress to do this. It's called executive action - where a president can bypass the legislature, which he has done.

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Transgender allegedly tricked Michael Phelps into sleeping with her

41 year old Taylor Lianne Chandler was actually born a boy, and named David Roy Fitch at birth. She revealed recently that she had a fling with American swimmer, Michael Phelps, 29, that involved s3x. She told National Enquirer how they met and claimed he didn't know she was a transgender;
We hooked up on the dating app Tinder, in late August. They finally met of Sept 21 when he invited me to his home to watch a Baltimore Ravens game. I was a bit nervous, but after a few minutes he made me feel so comfortable. One thing led to the next and we made love during halftime. Later we had intimacy again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone made me feel like a true woman.

I never lied to him. We were together for such a short period of time. I never had a chance to tell him about my life.
If you were Michael, how would you feel if you later found out you had s3x with a former man?

Queen Latifah show is cancelled

Incase you didn't you know. The Queen Latifah Show has been canceled and they say ackluster ratings doomed the daytime talk show. Confirming the cancellation, Queen Latifah wrote an open letter on Facebook, See it after the cut..

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NYPD Officer shoots and kills unarmed man in Brooklyn

An unarmed 28 year old Brooklyn man was shot dead on Thursday night November 20th and police say it was just an 'unfortunate tragedy' because he wasn't targeted.

From Huffington Post:
The victim, Akai Gurley, (pictured above) had spent the evening at his girlfriend’s apartment inside the Louis Pink housing projects. The couple left the seventh floor apartment around 11:15 p.m. and tried to take an elevator down to the bottom floor. When the elevator wouldn’t work, they entered the stairwell.

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Sunday hottie: Kenyan model, Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwanboka is one of Kenya’s most curvaceous model and socialite. See more photos of her when you continue....

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Jihadists kill 28 Christians on Kenyan bus

28 Christians were killed yesterday morning Nov. 22nd after Islamic Shebab extremists ambushed a bus in Kenya as it headed for Nairobi from Mandera, a town close to Somalia.

According to reports, the heavily armed extremists separated the Muslims from the Christians by asking them to recite verses from the Qu'ran. Then they ordered the Muslims to get off the bus and then shot the Christians point blank in the head before escaping back to Somalia.

A Spokesman for Shebab later said the 28 travelers were killed in retaliation for a raid on mosques in Mombasa, Kenya last week.

Top model Katerina Netolicka found dead

Top Czech Republic model, Katerina Netolicka, who was recently unveiled as the face of Prada and one time L'Oreal model was found dead in her home in Czech republic this past weekend.

Katerina was found dead in her bathtub with two of her dogs, just two days after she turned 26 and celebrated with friends. Her brother who found her body said he was forced to go to her home and break down her door after she didn't pick her phone for two days.

Friends of the model who lived with her boyfriend (who was out of the country when she was found) said she suffered from depression and terrible mood swings. They said one minute she was happy, the next minute she was a totally different person.

Netolicka lived in New York for many years after she started modeling in 2004. They haven't ruled her death a suicide but foul play is also not suspected.

Blue Ivy and her well groomed afro hair at Solange's wedding

Beautiful Blue Ivy unveiled her cute Afro hair at Solange's wedding in New Orleans this past weekend.

Miss Honduras 2014 vanishes days before trip to UK for Miss World pageant

Miss Honduras 2014 Maria Jose Alvarado has been missing since last Thursday Nov 13. Maria, 19, who was due to fly to London this past Sunday to join other contestants for the 2014 Miss World competition, vanished along with her sister, Sofia Trinidad , after attending a friend's party on Thursday night in Santa Barbara, Honduras. 

Four people including Sofia’s boyfriend had been arrested and were being questioned as the last-known people to see them alive.

Nicki Minaj on set of her new video with Drake & Lil Wayne

The rapper just shared hot photos from the set of the video for her new single, Only, featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. More photos below...

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Rest in Peace Dr Myles Munroe

Ya'll I remember his book" You're Born Original Don't Die a Photocopy"

Dr. Myles Munroe was an internationally renowned bestselling author, lecturer, teacher, life coach, government consultant, and leadership mentor.

Monroe, his precious wife Ruth, and others onboard the plane perished as they were making a landing approach at Grand Bahama International Airport on November 9,2014.

The funeral will be held on December 4, it has been announced.

Rest in Peace Dr Myles Munroe and everybody else in that fatal plane accident.

Get well soon Mr President

Get well soon his excellence Jakaya . M . Kikwete our President of United Republic of Tanzania

Guys, know 10 ways to win a girl’s heart

I stumbled upon this article online and I thought I would share with the guys.

If you want the most beautiful girl in the world on the outside and inside, a girl you would be proud to show off to all of your friends and family, and a girl to build the foundation of a full life together, then “10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart” is for you. Are you ready to win your dream girl? Here we go…

Be pursuant: 
Pursue her without the pressure. In other words, don’t try to “front” and be cocky. Have a conversation first and show her you are interested beyond her appearance. You don’t have to come up with some crazy pickup line. You can simply say, “I want to introduce myself...” Be sincere and genuine in wanting to get to know her. I see too many good guys get intimidated by a girl’s beauty up front, but take a closer look, and find her true self. Honestly, if you can get past this, you’ll have a leg up on the other idiots out there. After all, being genuine is where you excel the most. This is why you are the good guy!!

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