Ladies don't settle for anything less than what you want in a relationship

Sometimes it’s easier to just “settle.” Maybe you’ve been waiting for that special someone for as long as you can remember, but nothing seems to be turning out right. Don't give up and lower your standards because you have kissed a few frogs!Many women choose to stay in relationships that are not beneficial to them mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. Some choose to stay for financial reasons.

If you love certain activities, do not date someone who hates the hobbies that make you happy. If you are moved by helping people do not date someone who is self centered! If you are sensitive and easily hurt, do not date someone who makes a sport of hurting people!Getting into a relationship with someone who kills the light within you is devastating.Having standards and the willingness to be stead fast when picking a date is not a bad thing. It requires patience and self worth. When you can stand up and say NO I deserve better than this how can you go wrong. If you are seeking happiness do not bend.We must remember being in a good relationship is a two way deal, one person can't make it work alone so if you want all the trimmings you have to give your man the same admirations.Know that you deserve the best and if him or her is not fulfilling what you need out of this crazy life..move on!

1-Low self-esteem
3-Fear of stepping out of comfort zone or fear of the unknown
4-You fear you will disappoint your family and/or others whose opinion matters to you.
5-Hold on in hopes of changing him
6-You’re unsure of what a healthy relationship looks like.
7-You’re really not ready to be single

Some women haven’t mastered the art of enjoying the single life. The word single automatically raises fear. Instead of going back to the single life of loneliness, they stay in a relationship that is secretly just a lonely. Sure, there’s a physical presence of someone else; but if that person isn’t satisfying them it’s the closest thing to being lonely.

Being independent means you are brave and comfortable enough to tread through life as an INDIVIDUAL not as a person alone. The more you try to look for someone to be with, the more it’ll never happen with a happy ending! Stop looking and start living life for YOURSELF and not to be with someone. That will happen when the time is right.

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