More than just a kiss

Kissing feels great& is actually good for you on many different level

How to kiss:It’s important to point out that being a good kisser is an essential element to these smooching stats. Avoid sloppy kissing, make sure the person on the receiving end wants a kiss, and it’s got to be the right place and time. Go in gently and softly at first!


1-Kissing is a stress buster
As people kiss, the amount of the hormone we create in the brain oxytocin, also increases. Among many other functions, oxytocin is thought to reduce stress and elevate feelings of happiness.

2-Kissing increases your emotional connection
Hugging is great, but there’s nothing quite like a sweet kiss, which connects you and your partner on a very deep level. Some say it is truly the most intimate exchange two people can have. Whether you’ve been dating three months or three years, don’t forget to kiss your partner – alot.

3-Kissing: a natural pain killer
Besides oxytocin, kissing releases all sort of other feel-good stuff in our bodies, including dopamine and phenylethylamine. Dopamine is largely responsible for feelings of pleasure and motivation to engage in pleasurable activities. Endorphins, which are peptides, are known to relieve pain in the body, but they can lead to feelings of euphoria as well. Phenylethylamine, an alkaloid also found in chocolate, is thought to influence mood and attention. When these neurotransmitters are released throughout the body, they result in sensations of giddiness and euphoria.

4-Kissing unleashes pheromones
Pheromones, which are chemical messages sent between members of the same species, may also play a part in human attraction. The vomeronasal organ, located between the nose and mouth, usually detects others’ pheromones. Although it is still unclear how they work, pheromones are thought to signal sexual arousal and increase attraction towards appropriate partners. You feel fantastic; the warmth and appeal for your date grows and leaves you feeling closer than ever.

5-Kissing equals less cavities?!
Since kissing can result in increased saliva production, there’s also the benefit of killing more bacteria. 

6-Burn, Baby Burn! and the benefits just keep on coming.
Kiss as much as you can folks, and you will be burning twice as many calories as when sedentary. To be exact, a good smooch will burn about two calories per minute.

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