Secret to long lasting lipstick

1- Moisturise the Lips – Add a little lip balm to your lips to smooth them over and keep them moisturised. Allow it enough time to be absorbed before you move on to the next step.

2- Add a Layer of Concealer/Foundation – Use a makeup sponge and apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer onto the lips. This helps the lipstick to stay on the lips for longer as it clings to the foundation.
3- Apply Lip Liner – You should apply a lip liner that closely matches the colour of your lips. This prevents
the lipstick from running.

4- Apply light Coloured Lipstick: Lighter lipsticks tend to have more pigments in them which means that they are longer lasting than darker lipsticks.
5- Don’t Forget to Blot the Lips – Blotting the lips is an important step. It removes excess lipstick and ensures that the lipstick that is left stays on for longer.

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