Warning signs of controlling man

Many people allow themselves to be bullied or controlled repeatedly because they don’t recognize and label the control and abuse as “bullying.” When you recognize and label their tactics and tricks, you’ll be empowered to resist them.

1. Overt physical violence they shove, throw or break things in anger,slap or hit you,force you to have sex,force you to lie or drop the charges if the police were called.

2. You’re afraid you’ll trigger a violent rage – you walk on eggshells; they intimidate you with weapons; they threaten you, the children, the pets, your favorite things.

3. They make the rules; they control everything – what you do, where you go, who spends the money and what it’s spent on.

4. You feel emotionally blackmailed, intimidated and drained.

5. You’re told you’re incompetent, helpless and would be alone without them.

6. You’re told that you’re to blame if they hurt you.

7. They push boundaries, argue endlessly and withhold approval and love if you don’t do exactly what they want.

8. Their standards rule – your “no” isn’t accepted as “no;” they’re always right and you’re always wrong; their sense of humor is right and they’re not abusing you, you’re too sensitive.

9. They isolate you – they won’t allow you to see you friends or your family, go to school or even work.

10. They control you with their disapproval, name-calling, putdowns, demeaning, blame and guilt – no matter what you do; you’re wrong or not good enough.

11. Your concerns generally don’t get dealt with – theirs are more important so they can ignore your wishes.

12. They control you with their hyper-sensitive, hurt feelings and threats to commit suicide.

13-They make you feel worthless& weak.

14-They don't make you a better person.

15- They make fun of you.

16-They make you lose interest in life no hobbies you don't know who you are anymore or what you like you gave up your dreams.

17-He's always sorry.

And the list goes on please feel free to share.............

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