Nail and hand care for men

Men are infinitely more practical and non-fussy than women. You will rarely see a man spend all his hard-earned money on grooming products. Needless to say, a well-groomed man is an epitomy of perfection, charm and charisma. Fingernail care forms an integral part of a man’s grooming needs even though it is vastly underrated.

Men are more inclined to hard manual labour, working long and arduous hours near heavy machinery. Hence, their fingernails are bound to get dirty. Their hands are also rougher and calloused. here are the basic fingernail care for beautiful and well kept hands.

— Shape the nails using EMERY BOARD: The little sticks with grip tape/sandpaper on them.
— Soaking the hands in warm, soapy water for a few minutes is a good way to remove dirt. This will also soften cuticles and make it easier to push cuticles back.
— Clean under free edge of nail with orange wood stick.
— For smooth clean hands in a dish of: a table spoon of olive oil mixed with a couple of drops of lemon juice.Dip your fingers and relax for a few minutes. Olive oil is great for hand softness and replenishing dry skin. Lemon juice is good for achieving nice clean, clear nails.

It doesn't mean girly, sticky, sweet smelling stuff. There are various types of lotions out there suited for your manly needs. There’s oatmeal base for sensitive skin, unscented, and a lot of brands popping up everyday with musky sexy smells.

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