Nail growth tips

Nails add to the beauty of hands and healthy, shiny and long nails are the dream of every stylish girl. Applying nail polish on healthy and long nails enhances hands beauty. It is very common trend among females to have long nails. Here are some useful tips to speed up your nail growth:

File your nails properly. While filing your nails, you need to be very soft and remember to file nails in one direction only. File your nails in a way to prevent them from ex foliating.

Some vitamins are necessary for proper nail’s growth. Vitamins B, C and E are very necessary for healthy and growing nails. Deficiency of these vitamins causes weaker and dull nails. 
Use branded nail polishes on your nails and you should make it your routine to remove the nail polish after attending the party and nail polish for longer times will affect the freshness of your nails.

— Apply olive oil as a natural remedy for nails growth and care. Olive oil is rich in vitamins and it will soften the cuticles that will fast nail’s growth.
— Always wear rubber glasses while dealing with plants or washing dishes.
— Drink plenty of water as less water will weaker your nails.
— Apply garlic juice on your nails for fast growing. You can also massage tips of your nails with garlic.
— Massage cuticles and nails with your fingers to enhance nail’s growth.

Hope all these tips will make it possible for you to enhance your nails growth. Keep your nails neat and clean and file them regularly when your feel necessary.

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