Artist transforms high heels into everyday objects

Coffee potty: The incredible wearable shoes are the latest designs from Kobi Levi.Fashion is intended to get you noticed ,Are these designs are guaranteed to?
The porcelain coffee jug shoes made from cream leather and wood
These stilettos have been designed to look like swimming pool slides
Sticky spot: 'Chewing gum' are trainers with a twist and the banana-inspired pair, right
Market value: Tartan shopping trolleys are made of fabric and rubber

Cone feet: 'Blonde Amibition' are based on Madonna's iconic outfit of cone bra, microphone and blonde ponytail
Kneel heel: 'Blow' are based on blow-up dolls

Swanning around: Levi's fascination with shoe design began at high school where he studied art.
Birds of a leather: Toucans were the inspiration behind these creations

Would you wear these wacky shoes?

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