Drinking at work: not a healthy trend

Is it OK to have a drink during your working hours?.
They say a man’s work is never done.
They say you can’t mix business with pleasure.
They say that good things come to those who wait.

Some of the adverts show mostly thirty-something men and women drinking alcohol in what is clearly an office environment.Can you mix business with pleasure, and why wait until you leave work to have that first drink?

Some companies like Twitter and Yelp stock beer in office refrigerators.

A report indicates that about 8% of full-time employees report having five or more drinks on five or more occasions a month. According to that study, both heavy drinking the night before work and drinking immediately before or during working hours contributed to work performance problems.

Almost alcoholic
Many people in the “almost alcoholic” group have declining job performance and/or declining health, though most don’t yet link their problems to their drinking.

Clear boundaries needed
Relaxed corporate policies toward drinking on the job could nudge more employees into the almost alcoholic zone or beyond. When it comes to drinking and work, there should be a clear boundary between business and pleasure.

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