For those who want to become a virgin again!

It sounds ridiculous......become a virgin again? ,well newly developed Technology enables the amazing ability to become a VIRGIN again.Dear men, if your woman is over 25, she's most likely not a virgin, so don't gawk or talking to yourself!......take a NOTE!

See how the artificial hymen works...
Ladies,The word virgin means "untouched" (as in "virgin stand of timber"). If you've had sexual relationships, you have been touched, so..... not a virgin anymore!.

The above technology can repair or (more likely reconstruct) your hymen so that it looks like you've never had intercourse before. However, this won't make you a virgin again; it will just help you fool someone. You'll still know you aren't a virgin in your heart, and if you tell someone differently, you'll be lying.

It is no tragedy if you aren't virgin anymore..... what's important is that you feel good about yourself.

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