Three held over 500m/- ATM theft in Mwanza

A small but sophisticated crime group accused of defrauding banks across the country was hit with police bracelets, preventing millions of money worth of potential bank losses since they're forced to refund customers the stolen money.

Police in Mwanza have arrested three people in connection with theft of more than 500m/- from various banks using fake ATM cards.

Acting Mwanza Regional Police Commander Christopher Fuime said one of the suspects was arrested on February 10 at midnight, allegedly stealing money from an ATM machine at NMB’s PPF Plaza branch.

Facing mostly fraud-related charges are Salim Nassoro a resident of Kinondoni in Dar es Salaam, Maniki Kimani and Leonard Masunga who are related and both from Nyegezi in Mwanza.police said.

The suspects were found with hundreds of fake cards - 194 NMB and Diamond Trust Bank ATM cards, 36 KCB ATM cards and other 18 ATM cards with no logo, and equipment for making fake ATM bank cards.
They were also found items including three laptops, a printer, a camera and three cans of special spray paint which they use to spray to banks’ CCTV camera to conceal their identity.....mmh! they're very organized and good at what they do.

They also found the fraudulent debit cards -Bank of America with number 549012345678 and card holder's name in use as Richard Croswell.

One recent statement showed it was done by International ATM card. Also, this International ATM card was withdrawing money to the tune of 438,618/72 while our banks here in Tanzania limit each single withdrawal to the maximum 400,000/-.
 fraudulent debit cards - Bank of America

A number of customers from different financial institutions have complained after finding money withdrawn from their accounts through the ATMs, transactions they say they did not execute.
''Some of the equipments seized during the arrest would be taken to the cyber and financial crime unit in Dar es Salaam for further analysis.Officers still investigating the incident and that the suspects would be taken to court soon.''Fuime 
ATM thefts also known as card skimming is a critical problem facing a number of financial institutions in the country, especially in Dar es Salaam.The Bank of Tanzania working with the Bankers’ Association and police have mounted a campaign to track the thefts.

Gosh!!......ATM frauds are seen as a big-money, low-risk attraction for crime groups,Every time the banks try to do something to slow it down, they just turn around and find a different way to defeat it.

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