Shocking video: Man drinks milk from woman’s breasts on the show

Dutch TV host Paul de Leeuw shocks viewers by drinking milk from woman’s breasts on show.

The 51-year-old comedian turned talk show host shocked viewers by drinking milk from a woman’s breasts on primetime TV.

De Leeuw was interviewing women from a charity that facilitates milk exchanges between mothers on his show Langs de Leeuw on Saturday, when he turned to one by the name of Wendy and asked her how it tastes.

Wendy replied: “Well, if you don’t bite you may try it,” and De Leeuw, who declined to taste the milk that was already in a bottle, unhooked her breasts from a breast-pump and started feeding himself.

When he was finished feeding off that breast, he reached for the other while his audience watched in bewilderment.

Leeuw then told Wendy
I find the second one better tasting, but I can taste that you've eaten asparagus yesterday.
Viewers have since attacked De Leeuw on Twitter and Facebook, but Wendy has defended him saying it was all done “for a good cause.”

Watch the video after the cut....Its just Eww!dgihn

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