Akon speaks on polygamy saying "There would be less domestic disputes" [Video].

Akon father to 8 kids

Akon believes there would be far “less domestic disputes” if women got to grips with the idea that men are “natural breeders”.

The 40-year-old musician revealed in a 2007 Blender magazine interview that he has six children with three different women and earlier this year he was granted joint legal custody of two more. The father of eight shared his thoughts on procreating with multiple women to a TMZ cameraman at Los Angeles International Airport this week, noting on video:
I think if America adapted to that culture there would be less domestic disputes. As a male, we're natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to.
Akon then moved on to consider what the world would be like if most women accepted his thoughts on men’s natural conditioning.
Women aren't built to mate with more than one party ... men are,he mused. Women need to take more time to understand men if they could do that I think things would work out better for us.
When asked about marriage, Akon said he believes that declaration has more of a spiritual component. The star says there is a place for this type of commitment, whether it is an open marriage or not.
Marriage just solidifies the relationship between a man and a woman spiritually, he explained, adding: “But when you’re talking about commitment, understanding, loyalty, that’s a different conversation.
Akon, who grew up in Senegal, previously admitted to being in numerous relationships at the same time.

He told New York City based radio DJ Angie Martinez that polygamy was a deep part of his belief system.
I’m a polygamist. I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have,he explained.

All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives.
Check out the video below:

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