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Dear readers,

As the old year comes to an end and the New Year unfolds, we feel renewed with new promises. Lets remind ourselves the countless blessings.

Please be informed that starting March 2014,Clicksomemore will be giving recognition to those who visit my blog regularly and drop some comments.

Csm will offer prize money or gifts to a lucky winner (top commentor) on quarterly basis.If you have won — hard cash is nearly everybody's favorite prize but you can choose between money prize and gift as you wish and we will contact you to arrange delivery or bank details or to invite you to choose between alternative options.

My blog is still young — Love you all,Unfortunately, there can be only one winner (will consider the top 3 in the future).

The first winner will be announced in the last week of March.

P.S: Anonymous commentators are exclusive—Offer is applicable only for commentors with IDs/Usernames

Meanwhile,I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has been on my blog, special thanks to 2013 top 10 commentors : In ascending order
1. Motamatika
2. Ester Ulaya
3. G.Matias
4. Koku
5. Blog pendidikan
6. Durga rao santhati
7. Mgizi Felix
8. Shachi Sharma
9. Abdullatif
10. Ajangnya Orang

You can be anything you want to be when you’re just starting out. Keep dropping your comments for your chance to win.......Terms & conditions apply.



  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your visit to my blog , I can't be the winner but it is good idea
    .... wish you good luck.

  2. I can't be the winner, but it is good idea.... wish you all good luck.


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