Human viruses you must get rid of before 2014....Start Deleting!

The parasites- those who keep on taking and have nothing to offer.

The discouragers- those who always deprive your confidence, hope, or spirit.Believe in yourself and be yourself. Don't let anyone put you down!

The jealous- those who abhor you when God is blessing you. I can't really change my life to accommodate people who are jealous.

The haters- those who want you to be where you don't want to be.Delete them #all they want to do is to get under your skin and annoy the crap out of you.

The unstable- those who are for you today and against you tomorrow.

The unreliable- those about whom you are not sure whose side they are on.

The selfish- those who believe life is about them and them alone.Usually insist on having things their own way at the expense of others.

The money-mongers- those who can do anything to get money including selling you out to the highest bidder.

The heartless- they will never think twice before they do you wrong including taking your life.Don't let anyone hurt you or take advantage of you in any way!

The liars- these ones will engrave you with words that are false until the words put you in the grave.

The Godless- these ones are the biggest fools who think they can breathe without God and oxygen.


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