Twelve dead, thirty badly injured in bus crash near Handeni

12 people were killed and 30 badly injured in a fatal accident in Handen [Kwaluguru, Kwedizinga highway],Tanga today on Thursday, the police commander said.

A bus carrying more than 45 people crashed around 1:30 a.m. EAT.

He also added that 30 people were seriously injured and that others with minor injuries had received medical treatment at Magunga hospital,Korogwe.

The driver of Burudani bus,Luta Lover (35) believed to be among the twelve people killed.

Traffic police are currently attempting to establish the cause of the accident.

P.S : But the vehicle looks too old,the cause of the accident could be the driver was speeding ,the brakes failed so it was uncontrollable, possibly skidded off the road.

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