Are you a fashionista?... find out your group!

Are you a total fashionista? Do you just love shopping, trying on outfits, and updating your wardrobe?♥ ...

Fashionista―describes women who live and breathe fashion. Typically, when one hears the word fashionista only one name come to mind to epitomize this stylish woman.

Well, according to Krystine Sykes, Yahoo contributor, there are 3 types of fashionistas!.....Just read the below types and find out where you fit in....LOL

Poser Fashionista.
This is the girl that everyone thinks is a fashionista because she's got all the designer labels and EVERYONE knows about it. She's got Jimmy Choo shoes that say "Jimmy Choo" across the heel, a Chanel bracelet that says "Chanel" on it, and a monogrammed Louis Vuitton bucket hat, all worn at the same time. She is the girl who throws it in your face that she has money and can afford designer brands. She is what is perceived as a fashionista. But the truth? She's a poser. She's a fake! She is the woman who has no personal style and thinks that name dropping the designers she's wearing will cover that up. She seeks to be accepted into the luxury community by flaunting her wealth, something a true fashionista would never do.

Budget Fashionista.
Simply, is a true fashionista without all the money. She represents more than half of all fashionistas. She is the woman who reads Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Harper's Bazaar and revels in all of the marvelous fashions on display. The only difference is she can't afford the designer labels. Her solution? Translate current trends and classics into looks that she can find at more affordable stores. She can make a $2 shirt look like it cost $200. But don't be fooled; when she is able to, she splurges on durable items such as a leather handbag or designer shoes. Her trick is mixing those expensive pieces with her thrift store finds to create a stunning look. She realizes that fashion is more than designer labels. Its about self discovery and presenting herself to the world in the best packaging she can find. And she looks forward to wrapping herself up in clothing everyday.

True Fashionista.
She is the woman who is fortunate enough to be able to afford designer brands, yet smart enough to still appreciate thrift shops and vintage clothing stores. She wears Gucci and Chanel and name it, but she keeps it secret. She is able to mix and match effortlessly- She goes to vintage stores and selects items that can be paired with her pricey designer duds. She is who all fashion lovers aspire to be. She has a true understanding that fashion isn't just frivolous -- it's life changing.

If you are a fashionista, stay true to your personal style. Don't be swayed by something just because it has a particular label attached to it. If you love it, buy it. You can always change your mind later...wink!!

So where do you stand?

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