Uncovered: Gaddafi's sex chamber where he raped girls and boys as young as 14 years old

A new documentary has come out with details of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi allegedly torturing and raping of hundreds of teenage girls, who were kept as sex slaves, during his 42-year reign in Libya.

The shocking revelations have come to light more than two years after the dictator was captured and shot dead by a mob in October 2011 after his regime was defeated in an uprising backed by NATO forces.

According to the Daily Mail, Gaddafi’s sex slaves were virgin students from schools and colleges who were kidnapped at the behest of dictator and kept confined to in his dens where he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted them.

The girls were forced to watch pornography to ‘educate’ them for their degrading treatment at the hands of Gaddafi.

The expose,according to BBC4 ,came from a woman who fled from one of the dictator’s dens.

Also there was a room with gynecological equipment, where Gaddafi’s young victims were examined to ensure they had no sexually transmittable diseases. And here they were forced to undergo abortions if they became pregnant.

Many of the girls, after being repeatedly raped and tortured, were dumped in car parks or waste ground where they died.

He also created an elite squad of bodyguards (all female), whom he used for sex and forced to watch multiple barbaric executions. For decades Gaddafi surrounded himself with these beautiful young women ― dressed in close-fitting military uniforms, with manicured nails and perfectly coiffed hair, they exuded glamour while toting guns.But they were little more than disposable prostitutes used and abused by Gaddafi and his family.

The report quotes a survivor as saying that she was whisked away to the lair by Gaddafi’s female bodyguards.

She was then stripped, shaved, forced to wear a G-string and makeup and pushed into the bed where Gaddafi was waiting.

The documentary, titled ‘Storyville: Mad Dog – Gaddafi’s Secret World’, is based on interviews with insiders in Gaddafi’s palaces and his victims. Will be shown on BBC4 at 10pm on February 3.
Sex chamber– all left exactly as they were when Gaddafi last used it
A room with gynecological equipment
Some of Colonel Gaddafi's guards. Others were horribly attacked by the Libyan dictator

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  1. of cours he was a monser but i think he got his deserved punishement


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