Dark skinned women and their obsession with fairness!

Looks like bleaching is so trending!

Majority of women in Africa are totally happy with their bodies and looks, however some [especially celebs], have problems with their complexion and think being lighter is beauty.

Well, it seems the perception of beauty is changing, some narrow-minded people think that white skin looks more beautiful and elegant. They think white skin tone is the standard of beauty and every dark faces should be shaded and slap some bleach on their skin to reveal a whiter skin tone, but in most cases they end up damaging their own skin.

I don't see any correlation between beauty and skin color. Why not just celebrate the face all of that beauty comes from Africa. People should be proud of what they were born with and don't feel ashamed of their own hue, so stop covering up those pasty whites and embrace your natural skin tone, whatever it may be!

Beauty is beauty, skin tone is usually the cherry on the cake, after good bone structure and proportions of features etc.What is under the skin determines beauty.

Some black women dying to be white, They bleach and bleach until it gets to the point when their skin begins to peel off with black spots developed on their cheeks and hands. Its disgusting, repulsive and really annoying when people think light is right...... its so bleeping dumb.

We have seen some celebs who bleached their skin and ain't pretty. Cameroonian singer Dencia (HERE), Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson (HERE), Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu (HERE) and Nigerian actress, Thelma O'khaz (pictured above)

The mother of four is still not satisfied with her look and now wants a nose job....smh!

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  1. well said...they look like pigs after bleaching their beautiful skin


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