For singles: How to spend Valentine's Day

Valentines is just 3 days away. There is a lot of never-ending drippy advertisements and event announcements to remind you that Valentine's day is here.

Even if you won't be receiving the heart-shaped chocolates, flowers, romantic dinner or other gifts, there are plenty of ways to spend your day and have a good time.You don’t have to sit and home and drown yourself in ice cream and cheesy romance movies. Fear not. You can be happy as a single on Valentine's day.

Here are few ideas

1. Hit the scene
Grab your single friends and hit the club scene. There’s always guaranteed to be something popping on vals day, and you can definitely grab a few single friend and hit the bars, pubs, a restaurant, clubs, the local karaoke joint, lounges, whatever.

2. Volunteer technically
Valentine’s day is about love. Not just romantic love, but love in general. There are plenty of folks that don’t have any kind of love, and there’s nothing that will make you feel better about yourself than doing some volunteer work that will put a smile on someone else’s face. Motherless babies home, Nursing home, Animal shelter, Food banks etc.

3. Gym time
While others might be piling up calories by eating chocolate and ice cream and the likes, you can do the opposite, and hit the gym. A good workout session will shed that stress you might be feeling off, and you’ll end up feeling very very refreshed.

4.Have a party 
Invite your friends over (single guys and girls) or those whose dates are unavailable, and have a bash at your place. Get some cocktails, appetizers and music going and make the night memorable by taking it easy with your close friends...not to mention gossiping. Get up, get out and make the most of the day.

5. Watch movies (scary movies)
The farthest thing to think about when watching scary movies, is love. Well, technically, but it sure beats watching romantic comedies. Depending on your mood, you can watch movies by yourself or call up a few friends for movie night. Stack 3 movies together, and you’re sure to kill the night quickly.

6. Treat yourself
You don’t have a date on valentine’s day, but you still love yourself. Yep. You can spoil yourself a little bit on valentine’s day and feel great about it. A spa treatment, pedicure, or splurge on buying something you'd really like to have...just something that will put a smile on that face.

7. Spend time with family
V-day is not for couples only. If you live in the same city as your family, it’ll be a good idea to spend some time with them. If you’re too far away to visit family, then give them a call, or even Skype with your parents or loved ones if you have the means. They are your first loves anyways.

Important reminder: Don't take a dating risk or phone/text your ex.

You're single for a reason and that's because you haven't met someone worth your while. Don't make this day about hurt and loss, make it all about love, even when single!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's in advance!

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