What would you do if you were in her situation?

Just found this story on Facebook...so I thought I should share!

I’ve been besties with this girl for 15 plus years…..She has been married for 10 years…. I’ve been sleeping with her husband behind her back for almost 9 yrs.….we have a son and a daughter together….They are 7 and 3….she knows nothing about this, she thinks I got pregnant by one night stands…Her husband sees his kids regularly, pays child support and pays my rent and utilities….she is my kid's godmother and her kids come over to have play dates….Her husband got divorce papers and is waiting to file them, he wants to be here with me and the kids… my question is how should we tell her? Should I because I’ve known her first? Should he because they are married? Or should we’ll just sit down and talk?

What would you do?

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