Cloak - new iPhone App helps you avoid people

Good news for anti socials and bad news for cheaters ........

If you trying to avoid an ex, desire not to see or talk to anyone and you own an iPhone? well, it just got easier with a new app called 'Cloak'.

The new app for the iPhone has released to help you avoid human contact at all costs. It uses your social media data to determine where your friends are—specifically so you can avoid them.

Cloak gathers the geographic data provided by your friends’ Foursquare and Instagram accounts and determines if anyone is close to you. Photos of those in your immediate vicinity are displayed on a map relative to your location. You can tap on those who are most undesirable and choose to “flag” them and, presumably, avoid them forever.

Power to you guys, no more coincidences!.

On the other hand, I think it has some drawbacks such as invading others' privacy by revealing their whereabouts, safety issue and also could rock several relationships to the core (cheaters to be caught red handed).....LoL!

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