The Vampire Diaries

Are you a fan of VD? well, I'm not a fan of  supernatural drama but I can watch this series the whole night. Guess who makes me stay up late? Damon Salvatore ...Oh! love his swag lol!

This reminds me of  Prison Break when it first came out, I used to be a night owl.
Ok, so is Stefan dead for real?...sad!

There’s something about last season. Everyone feels older......Elena is much less of a Mary Sue.  

I love spending time with Damon, he’s not so good looking but he’s empirically attractive.....and vibrant character.

Not to mention Jeremy, so cute! but I hardly see him.

Stefan and Elena, world-wearier and appreciative of each other but never again in love the way they were when they were kids.

The night Kennedy was elected and the death of Maggie is one of the more gorgeous and poignant scenes this show has done. I miss Maggie though...she was a kind, warm and engaging medical student.

5th season finale, “Home” will be out Today, May 15. In the video, Damon threatens Bonnie in reaction to Stefan’s death.

There’s a lot of skill and pride.....the reason I can’t quit this.

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