Huddah Monroe slams King Lawrenc for fabricating fake stories

After the alleged East African business tycoon and Huddah Monroe's boyfriend insulted Diamond Platnumz and Ugandan beauty, Zari (HERE), Huddah has lashed out to him for creating fake stories that they are dating and he's the one behind her new baby (Range Rover). Read what the Kenyan socialite wrote on her Instagram.......
After all is said and done, @Kinglawrenc needs to sit down and let us see the man behind his shady as*!. I don't like to give my time to irrelevant people.

Lakini huyu pumbavu inabidi mtu amkomeshe @kinglawrenc, your work is to disrespect women. Kazi yake huyu bwana, is to sleep with women and take videos then expose on the Internet.

Before I go any further please can you POST the RECEIPT, or the BANK TRANSFER DOCUMENTS for the Range Rover you are telling Ugandans and EA you bought for me fool!, What money do u have?

Huyu pumbavu was brought to my hotel Iin SA by a friend coz he said he is a BIG FAN, only to realize he was looking for fame . I barely spent 2hrs with this faggøt and his crew. I took pics with him like a celeb and a fan then went back to my room. But he chose to use that ONE pic he has with me and say we are dating all over Ugandan news papers. Begging me to go to Uganda so that newspapers will believe we are dating, can u afford me you bast*rd? before you talk sh!t about a mother like Zari .

Please stop posting money, post a BANK STATEMENT that's what matters and that shows A REAL BOSS! and also stop creating fake stories that u ELEVATE lives of East African female celebrities, you dunno me, I don't know u, we met once, for hours at a hotel lobby and that's it! Stop looking for fame with other men's properties, cars and wives MOTHERF*CK*R grow up!
Huddah and King Lawrence

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