Zari responds to critics that she abandoned her kids for Diamond

Zari has responded to the guy who said she has no time to spend with her kids...... most of her time she is with Diamond. This is what The Boss Lady said....
That awkward moment when everyone thinks you abandoned your kids, so y'all kinda know when it's my turn or his to have them, smh.

I love my soldiers, out of the 356 days in year am responsible for 300 days and the 65 are his......take some chill pills. when you see me out and about it's my days off.....he takes over as their dad too. How come nobody complains if not with the kids?

Isn't someone supposed to ask, how come we never see him with the kids? but when it's mummy. Hell breaks loose. yep 300 days ain't bad for me. we both have custody of our soldiers, we both play our roles, we have our arrangements as parents, we are ok so are our soldiers.

So next time you see mummy out and about, just know she has it under control her soldiers are safe and are not ABANDONED, AITE?

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