"I find it hard to trust people's words" writes 68yr-old Swedish woman dumped by her 26yr old Ugandan husband

Mona-lisa Larsson who is still reeling from the shock of being dumped by her 26-year-old Ugandan husband, Ronald Ssemawere aka Guvnor Ace, shared this post on Facebook few days ago. Is she making reference to her failed marriage?

Mona-Lisa had accused the artiste of using her to get into Europe and now wants to marry a younger woman. According to her post, Guvnor Ace is seeking political asylum in Norway.
See the translation by google translator...
I 've seen that many men and women think about drama they play different games to get gains in a relationship. They are not honest with each other. There is a lack of communication, they do not want it because then the other partner think of who they are.

It must be hard to imagine all the time. It is not possible to build a relationship on dishonesty. But maybe they don't want any relationship without a transport to reach their goals.

I believe that the one who is honest can earn on it. I find it hard to trust people's words it is the plot, which reveals who they are. We are so naive to think that our partners think like us, they don't.

Why is culture and class important. There are always hidden rules that makes us understand even men and women think differently, it is important for a woman is not important for a man.

Maybe we should start to see the differences instead of the similarities to föstå each other.

What are the values which objectives we have is our partner of the judicial process or do we see only our needs and benefits.

What do we have for the other on the trip or is the other not in our common plan. We go all too easy in a relationship without knowing the other partner. Do we know övrhuvudtaget ourselves.

A few thoughts that I have.

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