Why does Bad News travel faster than Good News??

Humans seem to be desperate for bad sensations, because there is more to gossip about and more interesting than good news and people are ghoulish.

People like to hear bad things that happens to other people so they can feel better about them self's....Gleeful Ghouls who thrive on other people's pain.

Even group prayer can easily turn into gossip. Bad news is like hell fire, and what better instrument is there than the unchain-able muscle we know as the tongue. No wonder that The Bible admonishes us to set a guard upon our mouths!

Good news trails behind in a negative world - but, to a group of folk who are in Christ truly and fully, they only sojourn here in this world and their citizenship is elsewhere with God - this group thrive on the Good News (Gospel)

Most people sure do love a juicy tidbit of gossip! we're quicker to pass on bad news, dirt, rumor, scandal etc..........we're all guilty!

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