A blind snake of its kind discovered in Brazil

Oh Nature!!
  • Nature is cruel. Making the ‘Blind Snake’ look straight up like a peen.....
  • Atretochoana Eiselti or the ‘Blind Snake’- A recently discovered fresh water creature. It doesn’t have lungs and scientists are still unsure as to how it breathes. It is vaguely related to the salamander. 
Boffins in Brazil have discovered a new type of snake which resembles a male manhood.The unique creature, atretochoana eiselti, was found after engineers drained a hydroelectric dam which spans a river connected to the Amazon.The creature which named 'Blind Snake'  has a broad rounded head atop a thick, cylindrical fleshy body. Omg! it’s so gross ...ewwww!

Six of the eyeless creatures actually a family of "blind snake" more closely related to the salamander were found living at the bottom of the Madeira River in Brazil’s northern state of Rondonia.
The discovery was made in November last year as a stretch of the river was being drained, but was only made public after the snake’s genus was correctly classified - confirming it is a rare creature which has only been spotted sporadically since first spotted in 1968.

Biologist Julian Tupan , said: “Of the six we collected, one died, three were released back into the wild and another two were kept for studies.

They aren't reptiles and  more closely related to salamanders and frogs, but appearance-wise looks more like a snake.

'We think the animal breathes through its skin, and probably feeds on small fish and worms, but there is still nothing proven.

'The Amazon is a box of surprises when it comes to reptiles and amphibians. There are still much more to be discovered' Mr Tupan added:

Haahahah! Apparently mother nature has an immature sense of humor. I didn't expect that one... my mouth is open, I'm still surprised surprised!

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