Ladies....He should never make you feel!

Like a child
Everybody has their strengths and their weaknesses, their areas of expertise and the subjects they’re weaker in. Your partner should never make you feel stupid or inexperienced for not knowing certain things.
Like a flirt
HE should not make you feel like you have to watch your every move and word around other men so that he does not get angry, jealous or accuse you of being a flirt. You should be able to enjoy a party, a bar, and lifefeeling safe in the knowledge that your partner knows you mean well and would never intentionally flirt with another man.
Your partner should not say or do things that make you have a darker vision of the world, or that bring down your moods on a regular basis.Remember He's Negative attitude seep into your own attitude.
Your partner should never speak negatively about your appearance. He can say that he preferred one dress on you to the other, or even (yes, this is allowed) say that for your health, it may be good for you to lose weight (if things have gotten to that point). But all in all, your partner should be the person that makes you feel instantly flattered simply by looking at you.
Your partner should not make you feel unreasonable or crazy for having certain emotions. He shouldn’t ignore them, disregard them or criticize them.

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