Do you believe in long distance relationships?

Hi guys, have been asking this question to myself, long-distance relationships can and do work out? well, here are some comments I got from different websites, read them and share yours:
Well Yes and No
It all depends how you feel about the person if you can trust them and you are not the jealous type it can work out but people tend to get jealous and become suspicious of their partner and this can ruin a relationship.
Yes I do believe that love never loses Hope but always believe in the promises of love no matter how long the time and how far the distance.
It really depends on the people, but yes I do believe in them. Now, I think if a relationship starts out as long distance, it doesn't stand much of a chance. However, if it's a strong relationship and then the two are separated for some reason for a long period of time (ex: college, work, military, etc), then there's a very strong chance it will survive. I do not think that strictly Internet relationships are successful though.
Honestly, no. My boyfriend and I get weary after not seeing eachother for a day, but never seeing eachother would be a total nightmare. I don't believe in it because long distance relationships have never worked out for me and I hope you agree. I mean, yeah it's really nice to have a person who cares for you so much just by talking to you but I tried to keep this relationship with my friend who lived in England and It was just terrible. After a while it got harder on us to keep talking and after a while I lost trust in him because he did start to appeal to other girls and make me feel horrible about living in America and still wanting to see him. I haven't talked to him in 4 months now.
In my opinion,I think it is possible to make a long distance relationship work but you've got to completely trust each other because if not it won't work and you'll just get yourself worked up wondering what the other persons doing all the time. Also it depends how often your going to be able to meet, if you can meet like once every 1-2 weeks then I think it will work but if your only seeing each other once a month then you may have a problem. Your not going to feel like your in a relationship if you hardly see you other person and could end up doing something you regret. If you do decide to have a long distance relationship, make sure your prepared and realize your not going to be able to see the other person whenever you like, like in normal relationships...
Do you believe in long distance relationships? Do you think it really works or it's not even worth the try?. What is your take?

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