Kenyan fans troll Huddah Monroe after she ‘killed’ a famous rapper

Life in the limelight is full of inconsistency, one moment people adore you and think that you are the best thing since sliced bread, and the next moment you are on the grill getting roasted by your fans.

That is a lesson that controversial socialite Huddah Monroe learned yesterday as the same people who were applauding her for giving water to Kenya Defence Forces during the Westgate siege were the ones roasting her for a Paul Walker condolence message gone epically wrong.

Huddah posted the wrong photo….She posted rapper Paul Wall,instead of the late actor Paul Walker!see her tweet below;
Here are some of the reactions to this epic fail
PWEETY HEINZ ‏@pweetyheinz 
7@HUDDAHMONROE Just a Q… You don’t know the difference between Paul Walker and Paul Wall???? Hahahaha
Rudende ‏@rude_end 3h
@HUDDAHMONROE is a special kind of stupid. Why lie?
chizi_wa_mtaa ‏@iGurujustus 8hpunguza bangi 
RT @HUDDAHMONROE: Until Paul Walker actually tweets from his account that he is dead, I’m not believing it!
Rashad ‏@ishrashad 
Yes sir, will that be the “For dummies” edition or the newly introduced “Huddah Monroe” 
Valmy Kanyiri ‏@valmyK
 Too blonde for life!!!”RT @HUDDAHMONROE: RIP Paul Walker! Real baller! No fake life ,no poser ,this is so sad!
Ati Huddah’s IQ sits comfortably at room temperature? Laawd!! – @Kevo0h
Huddah shld get a laptop pamoja wit the class ones nxt year….bck to basics at ths rate…….. 
@lazlazlo HUDDAH say when she found out she was pregnant? “Are you sure it’s mine
 So according to huddah paul wall is dead and addis ababa is a country??

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