Rapper kills his own mother for financial gain

Qawmane Wilson aka Young QC, a 24-year-old aspiring actor and rapper has been charged for arranging the murder of his own mother — who was a successful business owner in Chicago,to benefit from her wealth.

He hired his friends to kill his mother,Yolanda Holmes,45, in September 2012 while she lay asleep in her apartment with her boyfriend, so he could access her bank accounts and life insurance policies.

She died from a gunshot to the head and stab wounds. Soon after arranging the hit, Wilson took advantage of over $90,000 in bank accounts and two life insurance policies to begin living a life of luxury.

The young rapper known for showing off money, cars, flashy jewelry,and new clothes on his Instagram and Facebook and often posting videos of him on YouTube flossing (talking about how rich he was, throwing away money, ripping and burying money) hired two people to stage a break in, where they stabbed and shot the woman in the head. He was caught this past December, 15 months after the crime. He even had her face tattooed on his neck. Beyond belief. He's obviously mentally disturbed.

Investigators caught on to Wilson’s lifestyle and pieced together clues that resulted in charges of murder and home invasion to be filed this week.

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  1. A young man, disillusioned by the entertainment industry, is so desperate to "appear," to others that he is a successful artist, actually plans and carries out the execution of his own mother. The video he shot depicts him withdrawing BLOOD money from Chase and tossing it in the air to "fans." This young man was so compelled to front like he actually was doin it big that he caused his mother to pay the ultimate price for his fake image.


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