The selfie syndrome - how social media is making us narcissistic.

What is Narcissism?
Narcissistic personality disorder involves a preoccupation with self and how one is perceived by others. Narcissists pursue gratification from vanity and the admiration of their own physical and intellectual attributes.

Signs of narcissism:

Unilateral listening
Instead of listening in order to respond, narcissists listen in order to dismiss, negate, ignore, minimize or otherwise make someone else’s concerns irrelevant

Preoccupied with self
Narcissists act selfishly and, even if being generous, are generally only responsive to their own concerns

Being above the rules
Narcissists feel that they are above others and that the rules don’t apply to them

Inability to take criticism
While narcissists have an inflated idea of their own importance, they can be quickly deflated by negative criticism

Refusal to take responsibility
Narcissists have a tendency to blame others for things that go wrong

Quick to anger
Narcissists may become easily angered by critical comments or being ordered what to do

Negative Effects of Social media:
According to research from California State University: Excessive use of social networking may be connected to psychiatric problems

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Schizoaffective and Schizotypal Disorders
Body Dysmorphia

The Effects of Popular Platforms:

Facebook - The Social Mirror
People who use Facebook the most tend to have more narcissistic or insecure personalities

Those with higher narcissism scores were frequently updating statuses, posting pictures of themselves and using quotes or mottos to glorify themselves

Based on a study of Facebook users ages 18-25 using the Narcissism Personality Inventory and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale.

A 2012 survey of divorce lawyers showed that Facebook had been implicated in ⅓ of all divorce filings the previous year

Twitter - The Social Megaphone
In a University of Michigan study of college undergraduates, it was found that those who scored higher in narcissism also posted more often on Twitter

Young people are using Twitter to broaden social circles and broadcast views. This usage leads people to over evaluate the importance of their opinions

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  1. 'The Powers That Be' are behind this grand social experiment- it is being done by design- welcome to Brave New World. A world of vacuous, narcissistic voyeurs- people who only care about themselves. People who are so insecure and shallow that their whole life is dedicated to manufacturing 'Facebook Moments™'; following and adopting new, social (distorted) 'norms'; and blatent self-promotion ad nauseam!

    This world is going to hell in a hand-basket... / -:


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