Flaunting your shopping spree on social media, is it a good idea?

Nigerian actress Chika Ike came under fire for posting photos of her day to day shopping spree in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Instagram for her fans to see.

She even hinted that she checked-in a top World's hotel, Emirates Palace Hotel, which is the most expensive palace in the world. Room rates range from $5,000 to $17,000 per night, depending on the suite.

Almost all blogs and websites in Nigeria wrote about her extravaganza vacation, and guess what....the commentators didn't let it pass.

Some were spreading rumors her trip was sponsored by a big daddy, some said its very low to flaunt shopping on social media, some said she didn't check in an expensive hotel as no pictures of her bedroom for proof, and some even said all the bags in the picture above were empty...this one really cracked my ribs.

Here are some of hilarious comments from different blogs and websites
Funny how we see all the shopping bags but never seen the clothes on her. Mumu cheap dunce.

Exactly my thought! She just displayed empty bags. Local champion!

Shopping in one high street shop and posing there for pictures is primitive #africanmentality

Lots of girls in Naija fly around the world to splurge and buy very expensive stuff..lots of them ain’t in show biz and some are…the matured ones keep it to themselves and you see it on them, the children and wannabes tell the world. Genevieve got a Lego bag and it was spotted on her, she didn’t make noise. Chika Ike take it easy okay…it’s not really that bad and truly it’s your money but you see the world has too many issues and least a sane person would consider is paying attention on your ARAB trips, shoes and bags.

Foolish runs girl just wanna hype her cheap self.. people who got money got no time to brag about it. gerrrout!!!
Eventually, Miss Ike decided to slam critics
Usually, every year, I take a vacation, because I feel have worked so hard all through , I deserve a break. As they say all work and not play makes “Chika a dull girl”. I just had to take a time out and whenever I do, I make sure I rest very well. I don’t know why it has been all over the whole nation, but I had fun.

Whose money? Is it not the money I worked hard for? Did anybody give me? I have worked hard and I deserved every bit of the luxury I enjoyed over there and I can proudly say that. I will do it over and over again because I deserve it.
Well, in my opinion, if you're a celeb, the best medicine is temporarily switch off your ego and stay silent. She just added fuel to the fire......
U must be the only gurl working hard in the whole world...now clap 4 urself...I just hope u have saved enough cash 4 the rainy day cos if i ever here 'save Chika Ike' ehn...i no go take am lightly with u o...

She is free 2 spend her money the way she wants, but you dont need to show d world what u shopped or where u've been, successful peeps keep low profile…. stop trying to 2 be seen let peeps see u

Chika is trying all her best to be in the news…If you spend money, why do you have to show the World??? Money you earned sleeping with Politicians…*Immatured Girl*

If u don't want us 2 talk.. Why are u displaying all these. The people that worked hard for their money dont do these. They don't show the public. Cause they do it often. You called for it, so stop. You worked hard for what. What are u doing.
See some shopping photos from her Insta....She had a great time shopping in luxury shops such as LV, Fendi, Michael Kors, Dior, and Chanel.
So guys, flaunting your shopping spree on social media, is it a good or bad idea and why?


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