Nelson Mandela's will worth $4.1 million

The will of former South African President and world icon, Nelson Mandela was read to his family members today February 3rd.

The wife of president is entitled to half of his estate, with the rest shared out among various family members, personal staff, schools and the ruling ANC.

Lawyers for Mandela revealed that his third wife Graca Machel would likely waive her right to 50 percent of the estate, settling for four properties in her native Mozambique as well as cars, art work, jewellery and other assets. Machel has not made a decision on whether to weave her rights.

The will directs that each of his children and some of his grand-children are to receive $300,000. His upscale Johannesburg house, where he spent most of his life after being freed from apartheid prison, would be home to his deceased son Makgatho's children.

His longtime domestic staff including his personal assistant, Zelda Le Grange, also shared in the fortune with 50,000 rand each.

Mandela's Political Party, the ANC, is to receive royalties from his political books and testimonial adverts. The monies is expected to help propagate the ideologies of the party.

Local Schools in South Africa he attended as well as the Wits and Fort Harte Universities also benefited from his will as funds were provided which would be given as bursary and scholarship to students.

His estranged second wife Winnie Madikizela–Mandela was not named as a beneficiary in a summary of the will.

The will, which was first written in 2005 and amended in 2008, is open for contest within 90 days.


  1. So Winnie didn't get anything!

  2. Lessons to be learned by Africa's so-called political leaders.

  3. World's hero indeed


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