Singer Jackie Chandiru admitted to rehab

What's going with East African female musicians?

Y'all remember Jackie Chandiru, Ugandan songstress and also once a member of all-girl music group Blue 3, was rushed to hospital where she underwent extensive treatment for drug-related injuries, according to reports. Jackie was found lifeless at her home and has since been admitted to rehab.

Jackie is now undergoing treatment for her drug addiction and is expected to spend the next 6 months there under very close supervision.

The sexy singer, who at one time held the East African charts after going solo from the girls group Blue 3, dedicated her life to cocaine and heroin addiction. This brought about the down fall of her music career.

She reportedly confided in a close relative that she just wanted to die because her life is currently in a total mess. With photos going round of her condition, its clear that she really is in a bad state. The photos show scars caused by the cocaine and heroin injections.

The Ugandan artist is just one among many music stars who have fallen apart in the course of history, Tanzanian Ray C is another example (Read here).

Studies on drug abuse patterns have shown that these stars will abuse drugs to forget normal life, are having relationship problems, are having esteem issues or to relax from the overwhelming pressure from the fans.

We hope that she will recover soon to carry on with her musical career.

Check out the shocking photos of her below:

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